Graduate Opportunities

You can earn a PhD under my supervision either through the Applied Math Department (co-advised by Adam Sobel), or through the CU academic department affiliated with the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. A PhD is a big commitment, but it's the portal to a rewarding career in the sciences... and it's fully funded. 
If you want a career in climate solutions, the MA in Climate and Society provides you with a broad understanding of the field and opens the door to a vast network of graduates who are already making a difference.  You will also have the chance to do research as a Graduate Research Assistant, and I could be your mentor. 

What happens next?

Part of mentoring a graduate student is making sure that they move on to whatever is the best next step for their careers. Some students stay in academia, some leave -- and who's who it's often surprising. 

Stephanie Grace Stettz

Stephanie is a graduate of the MA in Climate+Society. We worked together researching the relationship of heavy rainfall events and landslides in the West Coast of the US. She is now earning her PhD in the Department of Earth System Science at the University of California, Irvine. 

John Dwyer

John earned his PhD in Applied Math with a thesis explaining why enhanced greenhouse gases will change the timing of the seasonal cycle globally, including the timing of monsoon onset. After graduating, John joined MIT for a postdoc but finally decided to move on to the private sector.  He does data science for an e-commerce business from his lovely house in Portland, OR. 

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