Postdoc Opportunities

If you are considering a post-doc with me, the best thing to do is to start talking early and work on your application to a fellowship. Here are some pointers.  

What happens next?

If you are working as a postdoc, you have developed an impressive set of skills and deep knowledge of your research project. The role of a postdoc mentor is to guide your understanding of the broader field, make sure you have the confidence to chart your own course, and support you at the beginning of an independent career, whatever that is. It has been a joy to see this happening many times over. Here are some examples.

Kuni Inoue

Kuni came to Lamont first as my postdoc and then with a NASA fellowship who supported his engagement with both  Lamont and NASA GISS. He's now transitioning to an Assistant Research Scientist position at GISS, still working on the connection of short-scale rainfall variability and the large scale. 

Rick Russotto

Rick's postdoc was funded by the TRACMIP project. Together we worked on the role of moist energy transport in the polar amplification of warming under enhanced CO2 forcing and on the development of an oceanic cold tongue in the lee of an equatorial continent. Rick went on to work on a different Lamont project on global simulations of hurricanes and is now working in a climate tech startup in Manhattan. 

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