Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance

IEDA or Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance is a community-based, NSF-funded facility that provides data services for the Ocean, Earth, and Polar Sciences to support, sustain, and advance the geosciences. IEDA data systems serve as primary community data collections for global geochemistry and marine Geoscience research, supporting the preservation, discovery, retrieval, and analysis of a wide range of observational field and analytical data types, enabling these data to be discovered and reused by a diverse community now and in the future.

IEDA is a partnership between EarthChem program and the Marine Geoscience Data System (MGDS). EarthChem and MGDS systems include the geochemical databases PetDB and SedDB, the geochronology data system Geochron, the Ridge2000 and MARGINS Data Portals, the Academic Seismic Portal field data collection, the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Data System, the Global Multi Resolution Topography synthesis, and the System for Earth Sample Registration SESAR.

IEDA is funded by the US National Science Foundation through a Cooperative Agreement.