Jason E. Smerdon [CV and 2013 Faculty Profile]

Lamont Research Professor               

Lamont-Doherty Earth Obseratory                      

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Address: 61 Route 9W                                

                P.O. Box 100

                Palisades, NY 10964

Office:     Oceanography 205D

Phone:     (845) 365-8493     


Current Members

Seung Hun Baek

Graduate Student

Co-Director, Undergraduate Program in

Sustainable Development

EI Directory

Office:  Hogan Hall B-102

Phone: (212) 854-7529

Past Members

Graduate Students

Sloan Coats - Graduate Student (PhD '15, Columbia University)

     Thesis: Paleoclimate Model-Data Comparisons of Hydroclimate over North America with a Focus on Megadroughts

     Now a postdoctoral fellow in the Advanced Study Program at the National Center for Atmospheric Research

Undergraduate Students

Ryan Creedon - 2014 Lamont Summer Intern (PSU '16)

     Now a graduate student in Applied Mathematics at the University of Washington

Meredith Fish - 2014 Lamont Summer Intern (PSU '15)

     Now a graduate student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Stephanie Goldstein - 2014 Lamont Summer Intern (BC '15)

Seung Hun Baek - 2014 Senior Thesis (CC '14)

     Now a graduate student in the Dept. of Environmental Sciences at Columbia University

Dan Amrhein - 2009-10 Research Assistant (CC '09)

     Now a PhD Candidate in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program

Diana Chang - 2007 Hughes Science Pipeline Intern and 2008 Senior Thesis (BC '08)

     2014 PhD: Tri-Institutional Training Program in Computational Biology and Medicine at Cornell University

     Now an Assoicate Scientist of Bioinformatics at Genentech

A.J. Carver - 2006 NOAA Hollings Undergraduate Summer Intern (UW-Madison, '07)

Affiliated Colleagues

Our work at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and affiliated EI units is inherently interdisciplinary.  Our group actively collaborates with many researchers across the Lamont and Columbia campuses including the following closely affiliated colleagues.

Are you interested in joining our group?

Our group regularly has opportunities for research positions at the undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels.  Undergraduate opportunites are available through the Lamont Summer Internship and the EI Research Assistantship programs.  We accept graduate students through the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (apply here).  Postdoctoral opportunties are available through the Lamont Postdoctoral Fellowship and the EI Postdoctoral Fellowship programs.  Our group and the OCP Division also regularly host NOAA and NSF Postdoctoral Fellows.  Contact Jason Smerdon if you have questions about applying for one of these specific programs or would like to inquire generally about our current research opportunties.


Justin Mankin

EI Postdoctoral Fellow (2015-2017)

Project: Near-term climate uncertainty, decision-making, and the fate of snow in a warming world

(Co-Advisors: Radley Horton and Richard Seager)

Nathan Steiger

NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow (2015-2017)

Project: Reconstructing pre-­industrial climate change and crop yields over the past millennium

Currently Affiliated Students

Colin Raymond - OCP Graduate Student (Advisory Committee)

Bor-Ting Jong - OCP Graduate Student (Advisory Committee)

Yuxin Zhou - Geochem Graduate Student (Advisory Committee)