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The 2015 event will be held March 20th, 2015 at Rockland Community College.

Link to Learning Goals for Class Visits

Rockland P.L.U.S. engages students in their immediate community. Rockland is a diverse community made up of smaller towns and villages, each with a unique identity and set of factors to consider for future development projects. In these communities there are pockets of commercial and residential development that are thriving, and others that are hoping for new energy and revitalization. For Rockland P.L.U.S. 2015, students will look at Transit Oriented Development (TOD) with a goal of revitalizing the block around their local train or bus station, bringing new energy to their towns and villages. They will seek to balance the three complementary processes that make a community successful and sustainable - Social, Economic and Environmental (S.E.E.) factors. After presenting on their own community they will work with students from other schools at the the symposium Friday March 20, 2015 at SUNY Rockland Community College in Suffern, NY. Each group will consider the reconstruction of the Tappan Zee Bridge and the future role that mass transit should and could play. For more information on this topic refer to the linked 2007 Tappan Zee Bridge Corridor Transit Study Report.

For an excellent resource on moving people out of their cars and into mass transit check out these two short (less than 5 minute) videos from EMBARQ. Link to creative marketing ideas for mass transit. Link to New York City initiatives.


Rockland PLUS involves three visits from our project team to your classroom. Students should review the following pages of the website, considering the questions there before the noted visit:

Visit #1 - Home, Sustainable Planning, Background, Current Community

Visit #2 - Planning Tools, Affordable Housing, Water Quality, Brownfields (if applicable)

Visit #3 - Public Participation & SEQRA, Thinking Green

Putting it into Practice - The Lower Hudson Valley released a Regional Sustainability Plan for our area. Land use and transportation, energy and water management, open space, agriculture, climate change mitigation are primary topics in their review. The Report Executive Summary and full report are an excellent review of the same concerns you are considering in your community.


Introductory Presentation TOD
Community Train Station Maps
Community Enhancing Features
Site Visit & Community Assessment Form

Visit 3 Cost Benefit Analysis

Student Poster Content (8.5X11)
Student Set of Planning Cards (Red, Blue, Green)
Student Cards - Features BRT/CRT

Layout of a Tranist Oriented Development (TOD)

Poster sized Template (pptx) (ppt)

New York City BRT - full article

Student A.M. Presentation Guidelines

Links Below to the Mini Case Study From Our Classroom Demonstration

Links Below to Rockland's Event Day Forms & Information Below

Mentors & Facilitators (TBD)

Event Agenda (TBD) Poster Presentation Feedback Forms (TBD) Mentor Instructions (TBD)

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Planning Guidelines (TBD)

SUNY RCC MAP Photo Consent Form Press Release (TBD)


Frank & Joanne Gumper

First Niagara

The Rockland Program is made possible thanks to the commitment of the agencies below.

The PLUS event is a collaborative project in Rockland County.




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