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brickhistory parade
The Great Haverstraw Landslide of 1906. Village of Haverstraw, New York

Haverstraw's Dominican Day Parade & Festival: ‘The Dominican Sun’ 8/9/09

To fully understand the community we live in today we need to look back to how the community formed and what it has been through. Consider both why and how it developed into where it is today, and how we might move from today into the future.

Sustainable planning requires us to know 'what' and 'who' contributes to our existing community and to identify any additional resources that might be available. To plan for the future of those who are currently involved economically, socially and environmentally in the community we need to know:

  • Who lives in the community today and how long have they lived here?
  • Where do the residents work?
  • What type of housing exists in the community? rental? owner occupied? affordable?
  • How could development of the space being considered impact the existing community either positively or negatively?
  • Do young people return in the community after graduating? Why or why not?
  • How does this community fit into the larger County and into the Hudson Valley regionally?
  • What about this community is unique and could contribute to the larger region?









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