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In order to make recommendations on how to revitalize the waterfront community of Yonkers we need to know:

  • What would attract people to this area?
  • What resources or features does it have?
  • What is the current Yonkers community like?
  • What is special or unique that should be maintained or enhanced?
  • What are the problems that need to be addressed?
  • How can we be visionary, plan for the future, and yet make sure the development and the community remain affordable and available to current Yonkers residents?

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We will examine the issues and concerns in the development of the Alexander Street Master Plan for the Yonkers waterfront, and how the planning for that area affects the community as a whole, both at the environmental and socio-economic level.  This information is taken from Generic Environmental Impacts Statements and supporting documents, the intent is to examine the many issues involved in any key land planning and development initiative, and to encourage critical and creative thinking by you, the students.  Students will assume the role of members in the community as they participate in this Symposium and work collaboratively to submit a proposed development.

While this case study is based on actual documents, it is not intended that it be used to argue specific facts in the project, but that it be used as a lens to review the planning process and the needs of the various participants and the community as a whole.

In your participation in this activity there are several things to keep in mind:

  1. Do you like the proposed Master Plan project?  Do you feel it is the best option for ensuring a sustainable community in the City of Yonkers?
  2. Are there adjustments that could be made to the proposed Master Plan to better address environmental issues?  Retain community identity? Address community needs?
  3. If you were starting from the beginning, what would you propose as a development plan for this site to revitalize the community’s economy AND maintain its unique history and character?


The Westchester Program no longer has funding to operate, however through collaborations we developed many case studies which we would like to make available for use. The program was made possible for many years thanks to the commitment of the following agencies and generous funding from the "Alexander Host Foundation."

The PLUS event is a collaborative project in Westchester County.
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