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Link to Learning Goals for Class Visits

Rockland P.L.U.S. engages students in planning in their immediate community. Our County is composed of 5 towns and 19 villages, each with a unique identity and set of factors to consider for future development projects. In these communities there are pockets of commercial and residential development that are thriving, and others that are hoping for new energy and revitalization. For Rockland P.L.U.S. 2021 the students worked with a location in their Rockland community to revitalize it. Students considered how creative planning could make the community more sustainable and climate smart through increased efficiency in transportation, water and energy. This year students used an online Google Earth platform to build their projects and tours. Click on the images below to explore a few samples of the student final products!

Schimpfone Schimpftwo

Schimpf Farm Project 1 from Albertus Magnus High School. Click on the project image for a tour of the site and the project ideas, and here for the school write up.

Schimpf Farm Project 2 from Albertus Magnus High School. Click on the project image for a tour of the site and the project ideas, and here for the school write up.



Class projects: really S.E.E.E. your community. Students consider four complementary processes that make a community successful and sustainable: a balance of social, economic, equitable and environmental factors or what we refer to as S.E.E.E.ing their community. ~300 students from close to a dozen community high schools (Albertus Magnus, Clarkstown North, Clarkstown South, North Rockland, Nyack, P-Tech, Ramapo, Suffern and Spring Valley) participate in a series of 3 classroom visits each as they develop projects focused on their own region of Rockland. Approximately 130 students will participate in the final symposium, representing their fellow classmates.

Symposium Event. Our 2021 Symposium Event was virtual. The students presented their own community project to mentors from the community, and then focused on the Haverstaw 10 acre waterfront Chair Factory site.

Students work with planning cards to complete cost/benefit analysis.

The following pages of the website relate to the different school visits we will make. Please consider the questions before our visits:

Visit #1 - Home, Sustainable Planning, Background, Current Community

Visit #2 - Planning Tools, Affordable Housing, Water Quality, Brownfields

Visit #3 - Public Participation & SEQRA, Thinking Green

Link to PHOTOS from the 2019 event - password is green (case sensitive). Any reuse of these images should cite George Pejoves our event photographer.
Visit 1: Community Enhancing Features Green Features examples
Visit 1: Key Words Student Presentation Guide for Your Google Earth Story
Visit 2: Community Assessment Form: pdf / doc 4 links: Creating a Google Earth Story: pdf/ short tutorial / longer tutorial/ Nanuet sample

Visit 2: Planning Considerations Presentation

Link to Rockland County Planning GIS Mapping(does not work if pop ups are blocked)

2021 Chair Factory Shared Case Study
Visit 3: Cost Benefit Analysis: pdf / doc Guidelines for planning Chair Factory

Visit 3: Sample team poster from prior event

Map for the Chair Factory Site

2021 Local Case Study Files

Abertus Magnus Schimpf Farm

Links Below for the 2021 event

2021 Chair Factory Shared Case Study Guidelines for Planning Chair Factory

Presentation Feedback Form

Mentor orientation pdf

Links Below to a Mini Case Study Using the Palisades Mall as a Target Area


The Rockland P.L.U.S. event is a collaborative project of the following groups:


M & T Charitable Foundation
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