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  1. Seismic Regional Characterization
  2. Seismic Event Detection, Location, and Identification Methods
  3. Seismic Source Characterization
  4. Regional Seismic Wave Propagation
  5. Hydroacoustic Monitoring
  6. Radionuclide Monitoring
  7. Infrasound Monitoring
  8. Data Processing and Analysis
  9. Other Topics
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Seismic Regional CharacterizationToC
Bonner, J., J. Britton, and J. Lewkowicz
Development of Calibration Datasets for Southern Asia
1-02Chan, W., C. Wang, and W. Mooney
3-D Crustal Struture in Southwestern China
1-03Chan, W., W. Jiao, R. Wagner, and I. Gupta
Regional Seismic Database for Southwest China
1-04Cormier, V.
Construction of 3-D Earth Models for Station-Specific Path Corrections by Dynamic Ray Tracing
1-05Hearn, T. and J. Ni
Tomography and Location Problems in China using Regional Travel-Time Data
1-06Herrmann, R., C. Ammon, and J. Julia
Application of Joint Receiver-Function Surface-Wave Dispersion for Local Structure in Eurasia
1-07Jemberie, A. and B. Mitchell
Regional Variations in the Shear-wave Q Structure of Southern Asia
1-08Jiao, W., W. Chan, and C. Wang
A Broadband Seismic Experiment in Yunnan, Southwest China
1-09Kirichenko, V. and Y. Kraev
Results of 1-D Location Calibration Studies Related to the Territory of Northern Eurasia
1-10Mackey, K. and K. Fujita
Seismic Calibration and Discrimination in Northeast Russia
1-11Mooney, W., R. Coleman, P. Reddy, I. Artemieva, M. Billien, J. Leveque, and S. Detweiler
A Review of New Seismic Constraints of Crust and Mantle Structure from China and India Coupled with Seismic Qs and Temperature Estimates for the Upper Mantle
1-12Priestley, K., V. Gaur, S. Rai, J. Bonner, and J. Lewkowicz
Broadband Seismic Studies in Southern Asia
1-13Pulliam, J., M. Sen, C. Frohlich, and S. Grand
Crustal Structure from Waveform Inversion of Shear-Coupled PL
1-14Woods, B., C. Saikia, H. Thio, and G. Ichinose
Regionalized Velocity Models in Central Asia
Seismic Event Detection, Location, and Identification MethodsToC
2-01Anderson, D., S. Hartley, C. Lo Presti, A. Rohay, S. Taylor, A. Velasco, and C. Young
Event Identification, Error Propagation and Calibration Assessment
2-02Antolik, M., G. Ekstrom, A. Dziewonski, L. Boschi, B. Kustowski, and J. Pan
Multi-Resolution Global Models for Teleseismic and Regional Event Location
2-03Aprea, C., C. Bradley, and L. Steck
3-D Earth Models at Regional and Global Scales
2-04Baumgardt, D., Z. Der, and A. Freeman
Investigation of the Partitioning of Source and Receiver-Site Factors on the Variance of Regional P/S Amplitude Ratio Discriminants
2-05Bennett, T. and M. Marshall
Identification of Rockbursts and Other Mining Events Using Regional Signals at International Monitoring System Stations
2-06Bonner, J., D. Reiter, A. Rosca, and R. Shumway
Cepstral F-Statistic Performance at Regional Distances
2-07Conrad, C., M. Fisk, V. Khalturin, W. Kim, I. Morozov, E. Morozova, P. Richards, D. Schaff, and F. Waldhauser
Seismic Location Calibration for 30 International Monitoring System Stations in Eastern Asia
2-08Drake, L., R. Ayala, and C. Condori
Monitoring of Seismic Events in the Central Andean Region
2-09Engdahl, E. and E. Bergman
Validation and Generation of Reference Events by Cluster Analysis
2-10Fisk, M., C. Conrad, and D. Jepsen
Development of Improved Capabilities for Depth Determination
2-11Forsyth, D. and Y. Yang
Improvement of Earthquake Epicentral Locations Using T-Phases: Testing by Comparison with Surface Wave Relative Event Locations
2-12Harris, D., W. Walter, A. Rodgers, A. Sicherman, S. Myers, and C. Schultz
LLNL Detection Program: Broad Area Characterization of Phase Detectability and Empirical Detectors for Specific Sources
2-13Husebye, E. and Y. Fedorenko
Seismic Regionalization, Signal Detector and Source Locator
2-14Kovalenko, V. and M. Mamsurov
The Potentialities of Regional Seismic Monitoring
2-15Levshin, A., M. Ritzwoller, M. Barmin, and J. Stevens
Short Period Group Velocity Measurements and Maps in Central Asia
2-16Mclaughlin, K., X. Yang, I. Bondar, J. Bhattacharyya, H. Israelsson, R. North, V. Kirichenko, Y. Kraev, E. Engdahl, M. Ritzwoller, A. Levshin, N. Shapiro, M. Barmin, M. Antolik, A. Dziewonski, G. Ekstrom, I. Gupta, R. Wagner, W. Chan, D. Rivers, A. Hofstetter, A. Shapira, M. Laske, and N. Cotte
Seismic Location Calibration in the Mediterranean, North Africa, Middle East, and Western Eurasia
2-17Murphy, J., W. Rodi, M. Johnson, I. Kitov, J. Sultanov, B. Barker, C. Vincent, V. Ovtchinnikov, and Y. Shchukin
Seismic Calibration of Group One International Monitoring System Stations in Eastern Asia for Improved Event Location
2-18Myers, S., K. Mayeda, W. Walter, C, Schultz, J. O'Boyle, A. Hofstetter, A. Rodgers, and S. Ruppert
LLNL Calibration Program: Data Collection, Ground Truth Validation, and Regional Coda Magnitude
2-19Reiter, D., C. Vincent, M. Johnson, A. Rosca, and W. Rodi
Methods of Improving Regional Seismic Event Locations
2-20Reiter, D., W. Rodi, M. Johnson, C. Vincent, and A. Rosca
A New Regional 3-D Velocity Model of the India-Pakistan Region
2-21Ringdal, F., E. Kremenetskaya, V. Asming, T. Kværna, S. Mykkeltveit, J. Faleide, and J. Schweitzer
Research in Regional Seismic Monitoring
2-22Rodi, W. and M. Toksoz
Uncertainty Analysis in Seismic Event Location
2-23Russian Federation/United States Calibration Working Group
International Monitoring System Location Accuracy Improvement in North America and Northwestern Eurasia Using Source-Specific Station Corrections (3-D) for Pn, Sn, and Pg Phases
2-24Saikia, C. and G. Ichinose
Seismic Event Location Strategy and Path Calibration in and around the Indian Subcontinent
2-25Savage, B., Y. Tan, L. Zhu, and D. Helmberger
Regional Location and Identification Using Sparse Stations
2-26Schultz, C., M. Flanagan, S. Myers, M. Pasyanos, J. Swenson, W. Hanley, F. Ryall, and D. Dodge
LLNL Seismic Location: Validating Improvement Through Integration of Regionalized Models and Empirical Corrections
2-27Shapira, A., V. Pinsky, M. Ergin, Y. Gitterman, D. Kalafat, K. Solomi, and R. Hofstetter
Development of A Ground Truth Database for Improvement of CTBT Monitoring in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
2-28Shapiro, N., M. Ritzwoller, M. Barmin, P. Weichman, L. Tenorio, and W. Navidi
Capturing Uncertainties in Source-Specific Station Corrections Derived from a 3-D Model
2-29Smith, G. and D. Wiens
Initial Results at Reducing Systematic Errors for Seismic Event Locations Using a Model Incorporating Anisotropic Regional Structures
2-30Steck, L., M. Begnaud, and A. Velasco
On the Use of Kriged P-Wave Travel-Time Correction Surfaces for Seismic Location
2-31Stevens, J., D. Adams, and G. Baker
Improved Surface Wave Detection and Measurement Using Phase-Matched Filtering with a Global One-Degree Dispersion Model
2-32Stump, B., M. Jun, C. Hayward, J. Jeon, I. Che, S. House, and T. Kim
Assessment of Seismic and Infrasound Signals in Korea with Ground Truth
2-33Taylor, S., A. Velasco, X. Yang, M. Maceria, and W. Phillips
Bayesian Tomography Applied to Seismic Event Identification Problems
2-34Thurber, C., H. Zhang, and W. Lutter
Assessing Location Capability with Ground Truth Events: the Dead Sea and South Africa Regions
2-35Vernon, F., G. Pavlis, and T. Wallace
Collaborative Research: Seismic Catalogue Completeness And Accuracy
2-36Walter, W., A. Rodgers, M. Pasyanos, K. Mayeda, A. Sicherman, and D. Harris
LLNL Identification Program: Regional Body-Wave Correction Surfaces and Surface-Wave Tomography Models to Improve Discrimination
2-37Xie, J.
Excitation of Regional Waves And Magnitude Dependence of Phase Spectral Ratios in Central Asia
Seismic Source CharacterizationToC
3-01Ammon, C., M. Pyle, G. Randall, and A. Velasco
Refining Faulting Parameters and Depth Estimates for Earthquakes in Eastern Asia
3-02Bonner, J. and J. Orrey
Short-Period Surface Waves From Explosions
3-03Dreger, D., B. Romanowicz, G. Clitheroe, P. Hellweg, and J. Stevens
Development of Automated Moment Tensor Software at the Prototype International Data Center
3-04Hedlin, M., and V. Khalturin
Study of Anomalous Mine Blasts
3-05Kim, W., P. Richards, and J. Granville
Discrepancies Between PIDC, ISC, and USGS Seismic Magnitudes
3-06Lay, T. and G. Fan
Improving Discriminants for Source Identification
3-07Stevens, J., N. Rimer, H. Xu, J. Murphy, G. Baker, G. Kocharyan, B. Ivanov, and S. Day
Near Field and Regional Modeling of Explosions at the Degelen Test Site
3-08Stump, B., C. Hayward, C. Hetzer, and R. Zhou
Utilization of Seismic and Infrasound Signals for Characterizing Mining Explosions
Regional Seismic Wave PropagationToC
4-01Langston, C.
Phase Time Inversion: A Simple Method for Regional Waveform Inversion
4-02Morozov, I., S. Smithson, E. Morozova, and L. Solodilov
A Database of Deep Seismic Sounding Peaceful Nuclear Explosion Recordings for Seismic Monitoring of Northern Eurasia
4-03Phillips, W., H. Patton, H. Hartse, and K. Mayeda
Regional Coda Magnitudes in Central Asia and mb(Lg) Transportability
4-04Xie, J.
Attenuation of Lg Waves in the Eastern Tibetan Plateau
Hydroacoustic MonitoringToC
5-01de Groot-Hedlin, C. and J. Orcutt
Three-Dimensional Modeling of the Hydroacoustic to Seismic T-phase Transition
5-02Hanson, J.
Initial Analysis of Data from the New Diego Garcia Hydroacoustic Station
5-03Harben, P. and C. Boro
Implosion Source Development and Diego Garcia Reflections
5-04Kuperman, W., B. McDonald, and G. D'Spain
Arrival Structure of Long-Range Propagation Excited by a Finite Amplitude Source
5-05Okal, E. and J. Talandier
T-Phase Detection and Identification of Large Explosions at Teleseismic Distances in the Pacific
5-06Pulli, J. and Z. Upton
Hydroacoustic Blockage at Diego Garcia: Models and Observations
Radionuclide MonitoringToC
6-01Arthur, R., T. Bowyer, J. Hayes, T. Heimbigner, J. McIntyre, H. Miley, and M. Panisko
Radionuclide Measurements for Nuclear Explosion Monitoring
6-02Swanberg, E. and S. Hoffert
Using Atmospheric Cs-137 Measurements and HYSPLIT to Confirm Chernobyl as a Source of Cs-137 in Europe
Infrasound MonitoringToC
7-01Bass, H., K. Gilbert, M. Garces, M. Hedlin, J. Berger, J. Olson, C. Wilson, and D. Osborne
Studies of Microbaroms Using Multiple Infrasound Arrays
7-02Brown, D., A. Gault, R. Geary, P. Caron, and R. Burlacu
The Pacific Infrasound Event of April 23, 2001
7-03D'Spain, G., M. Hedlin, J. Orcutt, W. Kuperman, C. de Groot-Hedlin, L. Berger, and G. Rovner
Application of Physics-Based Underwater Acoustic Signal and Array Processing Techniques to Infrasound-Source Localization
7-04Garces, M. and C. Hetzer
Infrasonic Signals Detected by the KONA Array, Hawaii
7-05Garces, M., C. Hetzer, K. Lindquist, R. Hansen, J. Olson, C. Wilson, D. Drob, and M. Hedlin
Infrasonic Source Location of the April 23, 2001, Bolide Event
7-06Hedlin, M. and J. Berger
Evaluation of Infrasonic Noise Reduction Filters
7-07Herrin, E., G. Sorrells, P. Negraru, J. Swanson, P. Golden, and C. Mulcahy
Comparative Evaluation of Selected Infrasound Noise Reduction Methods
7-08Kim, W.
Infrasound Detection of Large Mining Blasts in Kazakstan
7-09Norris, D. and R. Gibson
InfraMAP Propagation Modeling Enhancements and the Study of Recent Bolide Events
7-10Shumway, R.
Detection and Location Capabilities of Multiple Infrasound Arrays
7-11Whitaker, R., P. Brown, D. ReVelle, T. Sandoval, P. Mutschlecner, and N. Bueck
Bolides and Other Infrasound Events
7-12Zumberge, M. and J. Berger
The Optic Fiber Infrasound Sensor
Data Processing and AnalysisToC
8-01Hartse, H.
A Comparison of Time- and Frequency-Domain Amplitude Measurements
8-02Hipp, J.
The NNSA Ground-Based Nuclear-Explosion Monitoring Multi-Region Kriging Model
8-03Kvaerna, T., S. Mykkeltveit, E. Hicks, F. Ringdal, and J. Schweitzer
Regional Seismic Threshold Monitoring
8-04O'Boyle, J., S. Ruppert, T. Hauk, D. Dodge, F. Ryall, M. Firpo, and LLNL GNEM R&E Staff
LLNL Middle East, North Africa and Western Eurasia Seismic Research Database
8-05Woodward, R., B. Kohl, and R. North
Support System for Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Research and Development
8-06Young, C., B. Merchant, and R. Aster
Comparison of Cluster Analysis Methods for Identifying Regional Seismic Events
Other TopicsToC
9-01Agarwal, D.
Discussion of Reliable Multicast Deployment Progress for the Continuous Data Protocol
9-02Carr, D., D. Gallegos, P. Herrington, D. Pearson, S. Taylor, A. Velasco, J. Zucca, D. Harris, S. Ruppert, and L. Casey
NNSA Knowledge Base Integration, Validation, and Delivery of Operationally Useful Information Products
9-03Rynes, J. and D. Leussing
Nuclear Sources and Assets Database (NUSAD) Development
9-04Sandvol, E., D. Seber, C. Sandvol, C. Brindisi, and M. Barazangi
Regional GIS Databases in Support of CTBT Monitoring

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