Hudson River Snapshot Day 2004

"A Day in the Life of the Hudson River"

October 6, 2004


Where Students & Teachers Discover - Where Salt Meets Fresh - Where Tides Rise & Fall

How currents work with wind - What lives where in the Hudson

river map by F. Nitsche, LDEO; poster by M. Turrin , LDEO; photos from 2004 Snapshot Day

2004 Data Files

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Individual parameter files in pdf format:

Dissolved Oxygen






Physical Factors











RM 152 Troy - Junior Museum/Heatly School

RM 127 Stuyvesant Landing - Columbia County Soil & Water

RM 124 Nutten Hook, Stuyvesant - Columbia Land Conservancy

RM 115 Cohotate Preserve, Athens - Greene County Soil & Water

RM 97 Ulster Landing Park, Ulster - EMC & Clearwater

RM 87 Esopus Meadows Environmental Center, Esopus

RM 84.5 Norrie Point, Staatsburg

RM 61 Long Dock, Beacon

RM 61 Newburgh Landing, Newburgh

RM 59 Kowawese Park, New Windsor

RM 55 - Little Stony Point, Cold Spring

RM 46 - Bear Mountain State Park - Sloop Clearwater

RM 25 Piermont Pier, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

RM 18 Beczak Environmental Center, Yonkers

RM 6 - 79th Street Boat Basin, Manhattan - Metro Montessori School

RM 4 - Christopher Street Pier - New York City Soil & Water

RM 2 Manhattan - The River Project


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