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  1. Seismic Regional Characterization and Wave Propagation
  2. Seismic Event Detection and Location
  3. Seismic Identification and Source Characterization
  4. Hydroacoustic Monitoring
  5. Radionuclide Monitoring
  6. Infrasound Monitoring
  7. Data Processing and Analysis


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1. Seismic Regional Characterization and Wave PropagationToC
1-01Fatehi, A. and K. Koper
Modeling P Wave Multipathing in Southeast Asia
1-02Ferris, A. and D. Reiter
Using Small-Aperture Arrays to Identify Far-Regional P-Wave Arrivals
1-03Fisk, M. and S. Taylor
Robust Magnitude and Path Corrections for Regional Seismic Phases in Eurasia by Constrained Inversion and Enhanced Kriging Techniques
1-04Ford, S., D. Dreger, K. Mayeda, W. Walter, L. Malagnini, and W. Phillips
Regional Analysis of Lg Attenuation: Comparison of 1-D Methods in Northern California and Application to the Yellow Sea/Korean Peninsula
1-05Gerstoft, P., W. Kuperman, K. Sabra, M. Fehler, S. Taylor, and T. Tanimoto
Extracting Short-Period Surface Waveforms from Seismic Noise for the Purpose of Estimating Local and Near-Regional Velocity and Attenuation Structure
1-06Ghalib, H., M. Sibol, Y. Chen, R. Herrmann, G. Aleqabi, H. Tkalcic, B. Ali, B. Saleh, D. Mahmood, R. Wagner, P. Shore, O. Shaswar, A. Mahmood, S. Abdullah, F. Ibrahim, R. Zand, B. Ali, L. Omar, N. Aziz, N. Ahmed, T. Al-Nasiri, A. Ali, A. Taqi, and S. Khalaf
Seismic Velocity Modeling of North and Northeast Iraq Using Receiver Functions
1-07Gritto, R., J. Siegel, and W. Chan
Structure of the Moho Discontinuity Beneath South Korea from Travel-Time Waveform Analysis
1-08Harris, D., J. Zucca, D. McCallen, M. Pasyanos, M. Flanagan, S. Myers, W. Walter, A. Rodgers, and P. Harben
Considerations of the Use of 3-D Geophysical Models to Predict Test Ban Monitoring Observables
1-09Helmberger, D., J. Tromp, and A. Rodgers
Advanced Waveform Simulation for Seismic Monitoring Events
1-10Kim, W., H. Patton, G. Randall, and P. Richards
Improvements to a Major Digital Archive of Seismic Waveforms from Nuclear Explosions: Borovoye Seismogram Archive
1-11Lay, T., X. Xie, X. Yang, and M. Arrowsmith
Development of Regional Phase Tomographic Attenuation Models for Eurasia
1-12Levshin, A., M. Barmin, X. Yang, M. Ritzwoller, and G. Randall
Toward a Rayleigh Wave Attenuation Model for Central Asia and Surrounding Regions
1-13Mackey, K., H. Hartse, L. Steck, R. Stead, C. Rowe, K. Fujita, and L. Gutirrez
Seismic Characterization of Northeast Asia
1-14Martin, R., M. Krasovec, S. Romer, L. Hutchings, W. Foxall, E. Vergino, L. Gülen, and M. Toksöz
Extension of the Caucasus Seismic Information Network Study into Central Asia
1-15Mellors, R., R. Gok, and E. Sandvol
High-Resolution Seismic Velocity and Attenuation Models of the Caucasus-Caspian Region
1-16Morozov, I., C. Zhang, and E. Morozova
Frequency-Dependent Short-Period Explosion Coda Amplitudes in Northern Eurasia
1-17Morozov, I., E. Morozova, and S. Smithson
Digital Database of Deep Seismic Sounding Profiles in Northern Eurasia
1-18Myers, S., J. Wagoner, and S. Larsen
Numerical Experiments Investigating the Source of Explosion S-Waves
1-19Nyblade, A., W. Walter, R. Gok, L. Linzer, and R. Durrheim
Developing and Exploiting a Unique Seismic Data Set from South African Gold Mines for Source Characterization and Wave Propagation
1-20Pasyanos, M., W. Walter, M. Flanagan, R. Gok, S. Myers, and K. Dyer
Enhancements of Geophysical Models for Monitoring
1-21Pitarka, A., D. Helmberger, and S. Ni
Analysis and Simulation of Three-Dimensional Scattering Due to Heterogeneous Crustal Structure and Surface Topography on Regional Phases; Magnitude and Discrimination
1-22Pulliam, J., M. Sen, and A. Gangopadhyay
Waveform Modeling of Teleseismic S, Sp, SsPmP, and Shear-Coupled PL Waves for Crust and Upper Mantle Velocity Structure
1-23Ritzwoller, M., Y. Yang, R. Richmond, M. Pasyanos, A. Villasenor, V. Levin, A. Hofstetter, V. Pinsky, N. Kraeva, and A. Lerner-Lam
Short Period Surface Wave Dispersion Across the Mediterranean Region: Improvements Using Regional Seismic Networks
1-24Rodi, W. and D. Reiter
SAsia3D: A 3-D Crust and Upper-Mantle Velocity Model of South Asia Derived from Joint Inversion of P-Wave Travel Times and Surface-Wave Dispersion Data
1-25Romanowicz, B., A. Cao, A. Kim, M. Panning, M. Pasyanos, and D. Dreger
Calibration of Three-Dimensional Upper Mantle Structure in Eurasia Using Regional and Teleseismic Full Waveform Seismic Data
1-26Rowe, C., W. Phillips, M. Maceira, M. Begnaud, L. Steck, X. Yang, C. Lucero, H. Hartse, R. Stead, K. Mackey, K. Fujita, and C. Ammon
Geophysical Imaging of Asia and Siberia: Tomograhy for Seismic Velocity, Upper Mantle Gradient, Lg Attenuation, and Joint Inversion of Surface Wave Dispersion, Receiver Functions and Satellite Gravity Data
1-27Sandvol, E., B. Xueyang, E. Zor, J. Xie, B. Mitchell, and D. Schaff
Lg and Pg Attenuation in the Middle East
1-28Shearer, P. and J. Lawrence
Transition Zone Wave Propagation: Characterizing Travel-Time and Amplitude Information
1-29Stevens, J., J. Given, H. Xu, and G. Baker
Development of Surface Wave Dispersion and Attenuation Maps and Improved Methods for Measuring Surface Waves
1-30Toksöz, M., R. Van der Hilst, M. Benoit, L. Gülen, D. Kalafat, H. Kuleli, C. Li, and Y. Sun
Seismic Tomography of the Arabian-Eurasian Collision Zone and Surrounding Areas
1-31Toksöz, M., R. Van der Hilst, Y. Sun, C. Li, and H. Yao
P- and S-Wave Velocity Structure of the Crust and Upper Mantle Under China and Surrounding Areas from Body and Surface Wave Tomography
1-32van der Lee, S., S. Chang, M. Flanagan, H. Bedle, F. Marone, E. Matzel, M. Pasyanos, A. Rodgers, B. Romanowicz, and C. Schmid
Joint Inversion for 3-Dimensional S-Velocity Mantle Structure Along the Tethyan Margin
1-33Xie, X., T. Lay, R. Wu, and Y. He
Near Source Energy Partitioning for Regional Waves in 2D and 3D Models: Effects from Random Free Surface Scattering
1-34Zhang, H., K. Mackey, K. Fujita, L. Steck, C. Rowe, C. Thurber, and S. Roecker
High-Resolution Three-Dimensional Seismic Imaging of Baikal and Amur Regions of Eastern Russia
1-35Zhang, Z., Y. Shen, L. Zhao, P. Chen, and X. Yang
Refined Local and Regional Seismic Velocity and Attenuation Models from Finite-Frequency Waveforms
1-36Zhou, R., B. Stump, Z. Yang, Y. Chen, R. Herrmann, R. Burlacu, C. Hayward, and K. Pankow
Broadband Network Operation and Shear Velocity Structure Beneath the Xiuyan Area, NE China
2. Seismic Event Detection and LocationToC
2-01Begnaud, M., C. Rowe, L. Steck, and W. Kim
Improving Location/Detection Methods for Monitoring Research Using Large-Scale Correction Surfaces, Cross-Correlation Techniques and Genetic Algorithms
2-02Bondár, I., B. Kohl, E. Bergman, K. McLaughlin, Y. Kung, and E. Engdahl
Global Ground Truth Data Set with Waveform and Improved Arrival Data
2-03Bondár, I., K. McLaughlin, and H. Israelsson
Improved Event Location Uncertainty Estimates
2-04Engdahl, E., E. Bergman, S. Myers, and F. Ryall
Improved Ground Truth in Southern Asia Using In-Country Data, Analyst Waveform Review, and Advanced Algorithms
2-05Ichinose, G., H. Thio, and D. Helmberger
Ground Truth Locations Using Synergy Between Remote Sensing and Seismic Methods
2-06Myers, S., S. Ballard, C. Rowe, G. Wagner, M. Antolik, W. Phillips, A. Ramirez, M. Begnaud, M. Pasyanos, D. Dodge, M. Flanagan, K. Hutchenson, G. Barker, J. Dwyer, and D. Russell
Tomography and Methods of Travel-Time Calculation for Regional Seismic Location
2-07Nyblade, A., R. Brazier, A. Adams, Y. Park, A. Rodgers, and A. Al-Amri
Ground Truth, Magnitude Calibration and Regional Phase Propagation and Detection in the Middle East and Horn of Africa
2-08Ren, Y., T. Yang, W. Zhang, Y. Shen, B. Covellone, and X. Yang
Crustal and Mantle Structure Beneath Eastern Eurasia from Inversions of Finite-Frequency Body and Surface Waves
2-09Ringdal, F., S. Gibbons, and D. Harris
Adaptive Waveform Correlation Detectors for Arrays: Algorithms for Autonomous Calibration
2-10Rodi, W.
Error Analysis in the Joint Event Location/Seismic Calibration Inverse Problem
2-11Rodi, W. and S. Myers
Modeling Travel-Time Correlations Based on Sensitivity Kernels and Correlated Velocity Anomalies
2-12Salzberg, D. and M. Marshall
Seismic Source Locations and Parameters for Sparse Networks by Matching Observed Seismograms to Semi-Empirical Synthetic Seismograms: Applications to Lop Nor and North Korea
2-13Schaff, D. and F. Waldhauser
Improving Magnitude Detection Thresholds Using Multi-Station, Multi-Event, and Multi-Phase Methods
2-14Standley, I. and W. Pike
Progress in the Development of Rugged Low Power Compact Silicon MEMS Sensors for Use in Nuclear Explosion Monitoring
2-15Stroujkova, A., D. Reiter, and R. Shumway
Regional Seismic Focal Depth Estimation in Complex Tectonic Environments
3. Seismic Identification and Source CharacterizationToC
3-01Abercrombie, R., K. Mayeda, W. Walter, G. Viegas, and K. Murphy
Seismic Source Scaling and Discrimination in Diverse Tectonic Environments
3-02Anderson, D., D. Fagan, M. Tinker, G. Kraft, and K. Hutchenson
A Mathematical Statistics Formulation of the Teleseismic Explosion Identification Problem with Multiple Discriminants
3-03Arrowsmith, M., S. Arrowsmith, B. Stump, and M. Hedlin
Discrimination Capability for Mining Events in the Altai-Sayan Region of Russia and the Western United States
3-04Bonner, J., M. Pasyanos, M. Johnson, and D. Harkrider
Calibration of the Ms(VMAX) Technique in Eurasia
3-05Fisk, M., S. Taylor, H. Patton, and W. Walter
Next-Generation MDAC Discrimination Procedure Using Multi-Dimensional Spectral Analyses
3-06Ford, S., D. Dreger, and W. Walter
Identifying Isotropic Events Using an Improved Regional Moment Tensor Inversion Technique
3-07Gitterman, Y., A. Hofstetter, and V. Pinsky
Depth-of-Burial and Decoupling Explosion Experiments in Israel: Near-Source and Near-Regional Seismic Energy Generation
3-08Hartse, H., G. Randall, X. Yang, and C. Rowe
Regional Event Identification Research in Asia
3-09Herrmann, R., W. Walter, and M. Pasyanos
Seismic Source and Path Calibration in the Korean Peninsula, Yellow Sea, and Northeast China
3-10Le Bras, R. and T. Hampton
Inclusion of a Body Wave Seismic Moment Tensor Estimator in the CTBTO/IDC Processing Suite
3-11Leidig, M., J. Bonner, R. Martin, S. Dougherty, and K. Murphy
Effects of Frozen Rock on Explosive Coupling
3-12Mayeda, K. and J. Bonner
Regional P Coda for Stable Estimates of Body Wave Magnitude: Extending the Ms:mb Discriminant to Smaller Events
3-13Mayeda, K. and W. Phillips
Small-Event Yield and Source Characterization Using Local P- and S-Wave Coda Source Spectra
3-14Phillips, W., H. Patton, R. Stead, G. Randall, and H. Hartse
Regional Magnitude Research Supporting Broad-Area Monitoring of Small Seismic Events
3-15Pitarka, A., K. Mayeda, and N. Collins
Developing Multiple-Frequency Discriminants for Use with Regional Coda-Amplitude Measurements
3-16Sammis, C.
Characterizing Fracture Damage at Frozen and Unfrozen Sites in the Alaska Frozen Rock Experiment and its Effect on Seismic Radiation
3-17Shearer, P. and B. Allmann
Spectral Studies of Shallow Earthquakes and Explosions in Southern California
3-18Stevens, J., H. Xu, and G. Baker
Analysis of Shear Wave Generation by Decoupled and Partially Coupled Explosions
3-19Stump, B., R. Burlacu, C. Hayward, J. Bonner, K. Pankow, A. Fisher, and S. Nava
Seismic and Infrasound Energy Generation and Propagation at Local and Regional Distances: Phase 1 - Divine Strake Experiment
3-20Walter, W., E. Matzel, M. Pasyanos, D. Harris, R. Gok, and S. Ford
Empirical Observations of Earthquake-Explosion Discrimination Using P/S Ratios and Implications for the Sources of Explosion S-Waves
4. Hydroacoustic MonitoringToC
4-01de Groot-Hedlin, C., D. Blackman, and C. Jenkins
Hydroacoustic Propagation Through the Antarctic Convergence Zone: Study of Errors in Yield and Location Estimates for Explosive Charges
4-02Hanson, J., C. Reasoner, and J. Bowman
Hydroacoustic Propagation and Reflection Loss Using Explosions Found in the Indian Ocean
5. Radionuclide MonitoringToC
5-01Biegalski, S., C. Weaver, S. Waye, O. Ezekoye, and P. Hopke
Testing of Aerosol Sampler to Remove Radon and Thoron Progeny Interference from Aerosol Samples for Nuclear Explosion Monitoring
5-02Biegalski, S., K. Biegalski, and D. Haas
Testing the Spectral Deconvolution Algorithm Tool (SDAT) with Xe Spectra
5-03Cooper, M., J. Hayes, T. Heimbigner, C. Hubbard, J. McIntyre, M. Ripplinger, and B. Schrom
Automated QA/QC Check for β-γ Coincidence Detector
5-04Farsoni, A., D. Hamby, K. Ropon, and S. Jones
A Two-Channel Phoswich Detector for Dual and Triple Coincidence Measurements of Radioxenon Isotopes
5-05Hennig, W., H. Tan, W. Warburton, A. Fallu-Labruyere, K. Sabourov, J. McIntyre, M. Cooper, and A. Gleyzer
Characterization of Phoswich Well Detectors for Radioxenon Monitoring
5-06Hull, E., R. Pehl, J. Lathrop, P. Mann, R. Mashburn, B. Suttle, H. Miley, C. Aalseth, and T. Hossbach
Segmentation of the Outer Contact on P-Type Coaxial Germanium Detectors
5-07Hull, E., R. Pehl, J. Lathrop, P. Mann, R. Mashburn, B. Suttle, H. Miley, C. Aalseth, T. Bowyer, and T. Hossbach
Mechanically Cooled Large-Volume Germanium Detector Systems for Nuclear Explosion Monitoring
5-08Milbrath, B., M. Cooper, L. Lidey, T. Bowyer, J. Hayes, J. McIntyre, L. Karr, D. Shafer, and J. Tappen
Radioxenon Atmospheric Measurements in North Las Vegas, NV
5-09Walker, D., A. Beyerle, G. Miller, and R. Arthur
Characterization and Performance Evaluation of an HPXe Detector for Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Applications
5-10Williams, R., J. Hayes, and R. Kirkham
Improved Calibration and Operation of a Stable-Gas Quantification Manifold as Part of a Radioxenon Collection System
5-11Wotawa, G. and A. Becker
Atmospheric Transport Modeling and Data Fusion in Support of Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Verification
6. Infrasound MonitoringToC
6-01Arrowsmith, S. and D. ReVelle
Infrasound Monitoring of Local, Regional and Global Events
6-02Christie, D., B. Kennett, and C. Tarlowski
Advances in Infrasound Technology with Application to Nuclear Explosion Monitoring
6-03de Groot-Hedlin, C.
Finite Difference Modeling of Infrasound Propagation to Local and Regional Distances
6-04Gibson, R., D. Drob, and D. Norris
Advancement of Infrasound Propagation Calculation Techniques Using Mesoscale Atmospheric and Terrain Specifications
6-05Herrin, E., P. Golden, P. Negraru, and M. McKenna
Infrasound in the "Zone of Silence"
6-06Norris, D., J. Bhattacharyya, and R. Whitaker
Development of Advanced Propagation Models and Application to the Study of Impulsive Infrasonic Events
6-07O'Brien, M., D. Drob, and J. Bowman
Improved Infrasound Event Location
6-08Walker, K., M. Zumberge, and M. Dzieciuch
OFIS Experiments at Camp Elliott: Paving the Way to Infrasonic Radar and a Portable Infrasonic Sensor Calibrator
6-09Walker, K., M. Zumberge, J. Berger, M. Hedlin, and P. Shearer
An Improved Method of Back Azimuth Determination with a Multi-Arm OFIS
6-10Whitaker, R.
Infrasound Signals as Basis for Event Discriminants
7. Data Processing and AnalysisToC
7-01Bahavar, M., B. Barker, T. Bennett, J. Bowman, H. Israelsson, B. Kohl, Y. Kung, J. Murphy, R. North, V. Oancea, M. O'Brien, and G. Shields
Enhanced Resources of the SMDC Monitoring Research Program for Source Information and Data Acquisition
7-02Carr, D., J. Lewis, S. Ballard, E. Martinez, J. Hampton, B. Merchant, R. Stead, M. Crown, J. Roman-Nieves, and J. Dwyer
Advances in the Integration of Large Data Sets for Seismic Monitoring of Nuclear Explosions
7-03Hart, D., B. Merchant, and E. Chael
Seismic and Infrasound Sensor Testing Using Three-Channel Coherence Analysis
7-04Hipp, J. and C. Young
Clustering of Large Event Sets Using Delaunay Tessellations and K-Medoid Optimization
7-05Ringdal, F., T. Kvaerna, S. Mykkeltveit, S. Gibbons, and J. Schweitzer
Basic Research on Seismic and Infrasonic Monitoring of the European Arctic
7-06Ruppert, S., D. Dodge, M. Ganzberger, T. Hauk, and E. Matzel
Enhancing Seismic Calibration Research Through Software Automation and Scientific Information Management

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