Lamont Weekly Report, April 1, 2011

The week actually started on Sunday with a lunchtime meeting of the Lamont Alumni Board followed by our third public lecture of the season. We varied the format this time with Andy Juhl and Greg O'Mullen, of BPE, and John Lipscomb, from Riverkeeper, providing a panel discussion on pollution in the Hudson River. This topic drew an overflow crowd, and
they got to hear how sound environmental science strengthens environmental advocacy. My thanks to Andy, Greg and John for putting this together. The last lecture is this Sunday at 3, and will be given by Natalie Boelman.

By the way, Phil Fitzpatrick has provided A/V support for all the lectures, giving up a good fraction of his Sundays in the process. Thanks, Phil!

As we wind up the lecture season, I'd like to call out the contributions made by Erica Freimuth, Ronnie Anderson, Dove Pedlosky, Stacey Vassallo, and Barbara Charbonnet in the Development Office. Not only do they staff events like these lectures, but they provide support, guidance and analysis for the very important work of building and cultivating a community of supporters, some of whom have been instrumental to the good health of the Observatory. As we continue to
build that support, it's also important to construct a coherent message derived from the science we do. To that end, I have begun to look at our communications goals, strategies, and implementation. Stay tuned for further discussion.

SEARCH UPDATE: The Director Search Committee met in the seismology conference room on Monday afternoon. We are iterating on the position description, which when published, will signify the official start of the search process. That should happen within the next week. We have begun to assemble a candidate and contact spreadsheet; we will issue an
"official" call for nominations in the very near future. Please use the alias if you want to send messages to the search committee. The next meeting will be on Morningside on Thursday, April 7th.

I will be in College Station next week for a meeting of USIO leadership, and on Morningside most of Wednesday and Thursday. Back to Lamont by Friday.

Play ball! As I'm writing this, the Yankees are beginning their second game of the season, but as of this moment they are 1-0. Pennant fever in the Bronx, and on the iPad.