Lamont Weekly Report, April 11, 2008

The April issue of the Rockland Magazine listed the ten best places to work in Rockland County - Lamont was, of course, not included on this list because we do not qualify - we all come here because it's fun... which was made clear by Eliot Tozer's article in this same issue - an article about the impacts of global warming on the county that inevitably featured several Lamonters including Dorothy Peteet, Beate Liepert, Juerg Matter.

Rockland Magazine aside, we also made it onto the 6 o'clock news on NBC on Thursday - Paul Olsen and Dave Walker were featured talking about the geology of the Palisades sill.

And while on the subject of television Sarah Huard and I were extremely pleased on Wednesday when we asked the discerning critic of TV programming Bill Baker, LDEO Advisory board member and most recently President of Channel 13, to review the final cut of our 8 minute Lamont promotional DVD - he thought it was exceptional - told us it was a quarter million dollar production (Of course it was not, by any means!) - but that was good, because a lot of effort by many folks has gone into that over the past months.

This Sunday is alumni day of the Spring Public Lecture series.   We'll have an alumni  association Board meeting and luncheon for donors and VIPs, all built around what I am sure will be a great talk by LDEO alumnus Greg Mountain: "The Ocean Floor: What We Know and How We Know It."  Lamont  academic and staff alumni in the area are especially encouraged to attend.  3:00 Monell.

I have to leave straight from this event on Sunday to catch a plane for  College Station, Texas for meetings at TAMU to talk about Ocean Drilling Program issues - back Tuesday night.

Have a great weekend,