Lamont Weekly Report, April 28, 2008

We received nine proposals for the Advisory Board Innovation Fund  -  all of them excellent and relevant. I would like to make a speedy decision about the results so that I can report them to the Board at their next meeting on May 15th. Whether I am successful in this will depend upon how quickly I can get reviews.

Our vessel the Langseth was on the front page of the US Embassy (Costa Rica) web page (maybe still is) following on from her very successful port visit there at the end of the Steve Holbrook expedition.  Already she is at sea again - working in the equatorial Pacific for PI McGuire from WHOI.

Attended a 'going away' party for Ellen Smith in the Low Library on Monday - very sad to see Ellen leave Columbia as AVP for Government Relations. I have worked with her closely and she has done a lot of good work for LDEO on the Hill over the years - we will miss her greatly.

I have an important meeting with the Provost's office on Monday to talk about our research professor initiative - I remain optimistic about progress on this front - progress is significant.

If you are on Campus on Monday evening, do not be concerned if you see smoke and fire trucks around Ray Long's (soon-to-be-demolished)  house near our main entrance.  We are simply being good citizens and allowing the Sparkill Fire Department to use it for training. It will happen around 7pm.

 As the beautiful weekday weather turns to showers for the weekend, I realize that I will not have time to work on the boat anyway... so it does not really matter...

Have a great weekend,