Lamont Weekly Report, April 4, 2008

Last Sunday was the first in this year's series of Spring Public Lectures. Terry Plank was the speaker and the Monell auditorium was absolutely packed on a beautiful sunny afternoon. As you know last season we started charging a $5 entry fee and requesting advance bookings in order to try to reduce the difficult and embarrassing over flow crowds that we had experienced - but still we are experiencing getting capacity crowds - which of course is absolutely wonderful!  
And Terry's talk was fabulous - a very tough subject - the role of the earth's interior in the global water cycle - but she made it fun and exciting, up to and including spraying the Director with an effervescing soda bottle.

Too much time in meetings downtown this week - but at least no travel to more distant locales. That joy is reserved for next weekend.

Survived April's Fool Day without any unfortunate surprises - I guess Bill Menke must have been distracted this year.

Hope it stops raining - have a good weekend anyway.