Lamont Weekly Report, August 21, 2009

We entertained Angel White from Oregon State on Tuesday and pretty much finalized our discussions about her plans to join our Biological Oceanography group as a Doherty Associate Scientist early next calendar year. We are very much looking forward to having her on board.

A lot of activity with the Marine Office this week as we complete the complex procedures associated with getting the clearances for Doug Toomey, Emilie Hooft and Will Wilcock's cruise to the Endeavor segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge, -scheduled to sail from Astoria today. Unfortunately you will probably read about it in Nature (the complexities, that is).

I am taking a couple of days off next week - going up to the Adirondacks this weekend to escape the heat and get my annual dose of mountains, lakes and a night sky that looks like it should. It has been an interesting exercise - studying the coverage maps for Verizon broadband and figuring out where I can and cannot go up there.  I can sail my boat to Nantucket and back and never lose coverage. But if I drive to Cranberry Lake I am out of luck!

Have a great weekend,


- Mike