Lamont Weekly Report, August 27, 2010

I was down in DC for a day, wearing my Consortium for Ocean Leadership hat, sitting in on the first NSF review of the Ocean Observatories Initiative Operations and Maintenance activity. It was really just a review of planning and budgeting since it will be a few years before any assets are actually deployed, but it was indicative of the microscopic scrutiny that large NSF projects are receiving in the current DC climate of heightened accountability and mistrust. It was depressing to see the magnitude of the effort that went into preparing for this review on the part of the Implementing Organizations, Scripps, WHOI, UW and OSU.  A sign of the times I fear.

The deadline for applications for the three slots for Lamont Research Professors to be nominated as members of the EI Faculty has passed.  We have 18 submissions - all of them, needless to say, compelling and  excellent.  Later in September an eight member committee will be faced with the very difficult job of selecting the three individuals to be
nominated - it will be very tough.

We have sent out the invitations to folks outside LDEO to attend the event to recognize John D - September 24th 2010  at 1:30 pm in the Monell Auditorium. It goes without saying that everyone at Lamont is invited to attend - the web site requests an RSVP - but that is ONLY for non-Lamont folks - please do not flood Bev with emails!!
The invitation and program is at:

It is worth taking a moment to open the pdf - there are great photos of John.

We had a good ExCom this morning - got through quite some business.
For some reason we move more quickly when there are fewer folks in attendance!

Judging by the profusion of empty slots in the parking lot this afternoon, many folks are away on vacation - let us hope that the  weather stays as it is today for a little while longer.

Have a great weekend,