Lamont Weekly Report, February 26, 2010

It was a week full of meetings - probably five or more every day - until the snow brought everything to a grinding halt on Thursday. Truly a grinding halt - I ended up in the Oceanography parking lot at 515pm on Thursday evening with Pat O'Reilly trying to dig our skidding cars out of the thick snow.

Anyhow - Pat and I made it home OK - but our Buildings and Grounds crew had a really tough night on Thursday. Power was out on the Campus from around 9pm til 3am and the snow was falling at a rate that the plows could not
keep up - so it became too thick for the plows to handle - so they had to clear snow with the front loader - a very slow process.  The highest priority was keeping the backup generators fuelled.

So the Campus was in no state to receive employees this morning - still a lot of branches down restricting the road ways - but we will be working through the weekend, and everything will be cleaned up and ready for Monday.

Thanks to all the heroes on our grounds crew, Have a great weekend, and enjoy the snow. It is still snowing in Nanuet as I write this...