Lamont Weekly Report, January 18, 2008

I hope everyone saw Robin Bell and Doug Martinson on the NBC Nightly News on Monday - if you missed them, the video clip can be accessed from the front page of our (great, new) website.

We welcomed Terry Plank and Geoff Abers as our latest new recruits to the Lamont staff this week - a very happy day - two of the world's best researchers in their respective fields who will undoubtedly help us build Lamont's reputation as global leaders in the earth sciences. And as icing on the cake, it was announced that Terry has been elected as a Fellow of AGU! Congratulations Terry!

Speaking of Lamont's leadership - check out the home page of the NSF web site - their lead story on their front page - "New Deep Sea Water Pathway" - click on that and you will see the story of Maya Tolstoy and colleagues latest high-impact Nature paper. Congratulations Maya, Felix, Del, Bob, Won-Young.

And while you have your browser open, checkout a new part of the Lamont web page - go to, click on the red dot and go from there. This is Wade McGillis' brainchild - a small beginning of what we hope will be a major nation-wide program of atmospheric CO2 monitoring - and as you will appreciate when you look at the web site, it is all in real-time. Comparing the weekly variations between Palisades and Harlem is always interesting (the green trace on the CO2 plots is always Harlem).

Our ship the Langseth has been battered by bad weather for most of the week in the Gulf of Mexico, but they managed to collect a small section of 2D multichannel data with the gun array and a single 6km streamer in the water. As I write this they are beginning the deployment of multiple streamers, with one paravane deployed already. But the prediction is that they will get shut down by weather again tonight.

Enjoy the long weekend,

- Mike