Lamont Weekly Report, July 25, 2008

I spent a very productive day at NSF on Tuesday - had one-on-one  meetings with Julie Morris, the Division director for OCE and the new  Assistant Director for Geosciences Tim Killeen.  But most of the time  was spent with John Diebold, colleagues from the University of Texas  and a large group of NSF program managers talking about possible  Langseth operations in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

I gave a short speech at a press conference with the Riverkeeper  organisation on Thursday morning - down on a windy and rainy Pier 84  in Manhattan. The subject was the results of the water quality work  that Greg O'Mullan, Andy Juhl and Ray Sambrotto have been carrying out  in the Hudson River. There has been considerable interest - I even  heard the story on NPR as I was driving into work this morning!

Another successful 'Research Life' panel session this afternoon -  today the subject was 'Washington DC and Proposal Writing' - and the  highlight was the very fresh insights that Ajit Subramaniam could give  about his ongoing experiences as a Program Officer in the Biological  oceanography program at NSF.

Next Friday the subject will be 'PI Responsibilities' - same time,  same place.  Lamont Hall at 330pm.

We continue to get good reports from John Mutter and Suzanne Carbotte  on the Langseth at the East Pacific Rise - their 3D survey is  progressing well - we are just keeping our fingers crossed that it  
stays that way!

Have a great weekend,

- Mike