Lamont Weekly Report, June 5, 2009

Today we had a successful visit by Chet Koblinsky the head of NOAA's Climate Program office along with a couple of his colleagues. He received briefings on the Columbia Climate Center and there were specific and useful discussions, led by Yochanan Kushnir about the future of our NOAA cooperative institute (CICAR). Relative to the other climate science agencies, the President's request for NOAA's budget for FY10 does not look great, but as a small sign of hope yesterday the House Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations Subcommittee marked them up by ~$130M which was at least something.  But there is still a long way to go in the budget process.

Kuheli Dutt ran the first Lamont Leadership Forum on Wednesday at which Suzanne Camargo and Tim Crone reported upon their recent attendance at leadership workshops organized by AGU and Ocean Leadership respectively.  There was good discussion and this is clearly an activity which we should repeat so that new insights and ideas to help our junior staff can be shared.

Research Admin is feeling the impact of the stimulus funds now available with several of our federal funding agencies.  That is good news.  However, I beg you again to get your proposals submitted ahead of the deadlines Research Admin is required to review all the proposals before submission they have to have time to do that. When they see ten proposals for the first time on the day of required submission they are placed in an impossible situation. Please plan ahead and manage your time so that the risk of missing deadlines is removed.

One exclusive club will induct four new members this week - Nick Christie-Blick, Mark Cane, Doug Martinson and Matt Tucke (of the Marine Office) will all receive recognition for their 25 years of service to Columbia.  Congratulations to all.
And congratulations to Wally Broecker as well - he is off to the UK next week to receive an honorary degree from the University of Cambridge (and meet Bill and Melinda Gates along the way.)

Have a great weekend,