Lamont Weekly Report, November 23, 2011

Pratigya Polissar has taken over the chairmanship of the LDEO Campus Life Committee from Jason Smerdon. Thanks to Jason for doing a great job, and thanks to Pratigya for taking this on. The Campus Life Committee is the most effective way for the broader Lamont community to express its opinions about our working environment and make suggestions
for improvements. The Chair of the committee meets with the Executive Committee several times each year to provide updates and generate action as needed.

There will be several important gatherings at Lamont next week. On Monday at 4, we will gather to celebrate Mia Leo's retirement from DEES. Tuesday we  will be hosting our Advisory Board and  Tuesday is Wally's 80th birthday we will be honoring Wally on Wednesday  - 1:00 pm  Comer.   I will be leaving for the West Coast on Wednesday for a round
of pre-AGU development visits and events.

Don't forget our Annual LDEO Alumni Meeting and Reception at the San Francisco Marriott (a block off Union Square), on Tuesday, December 6. This year's party will also feature an alumni salute to Mia.

In last week's report, I neglected to mention that we hosted a meeting with Dean Kristine Billmyer of Columbia's School of Continuing Education and some of her technical staff on remote and on-line learning environments. As we develop policies and programs for expanding our educational mission, some of these technologies will allow us to reach
international audiences and scale up our impact. We will look at developing and getting funding for a few pilot efforts, in anticipation of developing a coherent strategy going forward.

Happy Thanksgiving!