Lamont Weekly Report, November 27, 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving, and is not regretting too much the excessive calorie consumption that is a typical characteristic of this uniquely American celebration. My desire to maintain contact with my long-lost Northern England heritage resulted in me persuading the 'powers-that-be' in my household to make Yorkshire Puddings for me this year.  And I never regret eating too much Yorkshire Pudding............

I survived both an ExCom and a dentist's appointment on Wednesday (not that I associate them at all......) to end the three day week that already had been consumed by meetings of one sort or another - mostly downtown at EI on Tuesday.  But the best news of the week was the word from NSF that Robin Bell and her team have been awarded a ~~$6M Major Research Instrumentation grant to revolutionize the communities ability to map the Antarctic ice sheet. Many
congratulations are due Robin, Michael Studinger, Nick Frearson and all the many folks involved with preparing this complex and ambitious proposal. This was great news for Lamont - further insuring our continued growth into important areas of polar science.

I also got caught up with all my Effort Reporting 'sign-offs' - something I hope everyone will pay special attention to next week, as our hard deadline is days away - and I am already receiving threatening emails from David Hirsh's office.

Unfortunately I have to go down to Texas on Wednesday - to Texas A&M for more meetings with NSF about the Drilling program - but I will be back on Thursday night.

I hope you are enjoying the long weekend,