Lamont Weekly Report, October 15, 2010

We fulfilled our neighborly responsibilities and hosted the Nyack Hospital for a wonderful event last Saturday night - a very plush evening - and I made one new contact that may be helpful to us. The whole thing was far more opulent than we are used to: valet parking, catered by Restaurant X, two (very loud) bands and luxurious bathrooms on a semi trailer like I have never seen before!  But it is always disquieting to be recognized by nurses in evening gowns who last saw you
in less, how shall I say, 'elegant' situations.

Anyway, that was Saturday night. Sunday night I was on a roof top on 44th and 12th Avenue at a dinner hosted by one of our advisory board members - which turned out, much to the surprise of most folks there to be a wedding!  Our long-time board member Jeffrey Gould married Leonore Conviser - another grand event.  Monday was a regular 'eight appointment day' and Tuesday morning 5am brought the car service for the trip to Newark Penn Station to catch the Acela down to DC for two days of OOI (Ocean Observatories Initiative) meetings at Ocean Leadership. More than ever I am glad that, institutionally, we are not involved with the construction of this system. The schedule is brutal and there is little room for innovation - it is construction pure and simple - just not our business.  Came back from DC on the 3pm train into NY Penn Station - changed into my tux on the train so I could go straight to the New York Yacht Club on 44th St for a dinner at which, again there were notable individuals who we want to get involved with Lamont. I had another dinner down at CU Thursday evening, so tonight (Friday) will be my second evening at home since last Thursday!  I have another DC trip next week, but at least it is only for the day.

We had the formal Design Review Meeting for the Comer Ultraclean Lab on Thursday - involving representatives from our sponsors NIST - as well as a full complement of oversight from CU.  Our architects, Payette, and prime subcontractor Picotrace did a sterling job with the presentations and discussion, and all went smoothly.  So now we can move

A windy weekend means no rowing on the river - which is a downer, but at least I will get some home-cooked food and some sleep!

Have a good weekend,