Lamont Weekly Report, October 8, 2010

Open House last Saturday was an unparalleled success. We were, of course, incredibly lucky with the weather - a beautiful cool sunny day, after days of torrential rain. The head count, which this year I am assured is precise and reliable, was 3104.  And one of those folks was our Congressman  - Eliot Engel - who stayed for about an hour and has since followed up with us with questions about some of the exhibits that he visited.

Anyway - again - thank you to all who made this day the great success that it was - it is featured on the CU Web site - click on news, and then click on Marc Spiegelman ('Multimedia' on the right). If you wonder why the tents are still around by Lamont Hall it is because we are being good neighbors and hosting a Nyack Hospital event tomorrow night.

And also, if you are wondering about the big sign outside Comer that declares the source of funding for the Ultra Clean Lab: that sign - its format and dimensions - are mandated by the NIST grant - so it has to stay there for the duration of the award. Given that they have given us $1.2M, it is tough to argue.

I am just leaving my office now to join the celebration of our #1 status (according to the NRC) among Earth and Environmental Science PhD programs around the nation. I cannot think of a better way to end the week.

It is a crazy weekend for me - events on both Saturday and Sunday nights and then off to DC pre dawn Tuesday.
Have a great weekend,