Lamont Weekly Report, September 25, 2009

There was a great talk this afternoon - this years 'Science of Diversity' talk at the regular colloquium - Meg Urry, the Chair of the Physics department at Yale did a superb job of reviewing the issues that cause there to be so few women in research science. This was a welcome intellectual break from a marathon ExCom this  morning and a DEES Faculty meeting (attended by Arts and Sciences VP Nick Dirks) this afternoon.

I travel to the resort capital of Texas on Sunday - College Station - for a 'summit' meeting with the new leadership at Texas A&M (new ODP Director, new Geosciences Dean, new Provost) to talk about the future of the Ocean Drilling Program. I will be back in the office on Sunday.

Langseth is alongside in Astoria Oregon after completing an outstandingly successful cruise on the Juan de Fuca ridge - deploying and recovering 68 OBS in one leg - maybe even a record.  It was good to see the great praise that Chief Scientist Doug Toomey of the University of Oregon directed towards the officers, crew and technicians on board. Langseth sails this evening for Alaskan waters for a leg of relatively stress-free multibeam mapping.

Enjoy the beautiful weather, and have a great weekend.

Have a great weekend,

- Mike