Lamont Weekly Report, April 16, 2010

The Monell Auditorium was essentially full last Sunday afternoon for our annual alumni lecture, that followed a lunch to honor many of Lamont's good friends and supporters. Jerry McManus was the speaker and he did a superb job of educating the highly diverse audience on the intricacies of ocean currents and climate change.  This Sunday Gisela Winckler will have the stage for her talk that is titled "Dust in the Wind: Dust, Stardust and Earth's Climate System".

I am pleased to announce that the hard work of the very many folks who maintain and update our web site was recognized this week - at the 14th Annual Webby Awards our site was selected as an official honoree in the Science Category. We all recognize the important role that web sites play in communications today - at many different levels - so
this was great news.  Thanks to all who made this happen.

The week was topped off by the great event to recognize Wally Broecker's 50 years as a Columbia Professor. It was great to see so many friends of Lamont again - especially Mike Crow, returning - I think for the first time - since his departure for Arizona State in 2002.  Both the Monell and Comer auditoriums were filled to capacity, and with speeches by Jeff Sachs and Lee Bollinger and many others - and original musical contributions by Tom Chapin and Richard Alley - it was wonderful afternoon - honoring one of the true science legends of our time.

And speaking of science legends of our time, it was also Lynn Sykes' birthday today!  Happy birthday Lynn.

And even more great news - Paul Richards has won the Seismological Society of America's Reid Medal - many congratulations Paul. After all the excitement of today, I am ready for the weekend.

Have a good one,

- Mike