Lamont Weekly Report, April 2, 2010

I think we all are aware of the identity of the innovative individual responsible for developing and posting the highly believable notices around the campus yesterday announcing Lamont's new  Electric Vehicle Plug-in program.  I was reaching for the phone to call Pat O'Reilly to ask him why he had not told me about this, when I remembered the date...

Last Sunday was the first of this year's Spring Public lectures - well attended as always and a superb lecture by Goran Ekstrom talking about his work on the detection and characterization of landslide events. Thank you Goran.

I suppose that I should have not been surprised by the fact that the announcement of the outcome of a British review panel into the University of East Anglia 'Climate gate' fiasco - the outcome being that there was no distortion of data and nothing challenged the scientific consensus that "global warming is happening and that it is induced by human activity" - was relegated to the bottom of p11 in the NYT earlier this week. I understand why - of course - but still it is disappointing.

Bev has been on vacation all week, so Miriam and I have been struggling to keep up  - but seem to have survived. Life will return to normal on Tuesday upon her return from (hopefully sunny) Italy.

Yes - sunshine - at last we have some of it - enjoy the weekend - it should be grand.