Lamont Weekly Report, April 23, 2010

It has been a very busy week - nine different appointments in my diary for today - but at least they were all here at Lamont. Yesterday I had to make two separate trips downtown - the first was for the annual formal budget presentation with the Provost (which is always so much fun), and the second was for the last EI Faculty meeting of the academic year - at which the keynote speaker was... the Provost.

This weekend promises to be interesting - we are expecting a big crowd to attend the public lecture on Sunday because the subject is water availability in Rockland County. We will be broadcasting live from the Monell Auditorium into the Comer Seminar room in order to handle the overflow crowd that will undoubtedly show-up. This will be the fourth
and last Spring Public Lecture of the season.

Next week is consumed by the NSF on-site Business Systems Review of the Office of Marine Operations - they say that it is not an audit - but it feels like one. Monday through Friday 8 til 5. I am sure we will all learn a lot.

If folks have been concerned about running into a coyote on the campus, then I think they should be more fearful of the turkeys. A turkey smashed through a window in the Monell Building one evening earlier this week - and it only flew back out of the office when a startled security guard discovered it. Remarkable.

Taro Takahashi received his UN "Champions of the Earth" award in Seoul Korea yesterday. So that was a good day.

Have a great weekend,

- Mike

- Mike