Lamont Weekly Report, April 27, 2012

Excom this morning: discussion of Columbia's new accounting and reporting system led by Anne Sullivan, Executive VP for Finance (lots of work, lots of staff training, will make things better, please be patient); final iterations on our By-Laws (for discussion in May and voting in June); discussion of our Post-Doc mentoring Plan and its effectiveness in preparing post-docs for career choices (Kuheli will draft some modifications for discussion); various compliance issues (more patience required, some input from Columbia needed). We missed the Enterprise flyover.

From Francesco Fiondella:

And a pic of shuttle gawkers:

We bid a fond farewell to Catherine Tozer, who is leaving us after 6 years for calmer seas. Catherine has been a mainstay in Geochemistry. I especially like the way she kept us on our toes at OMG meetings when she sat in for Bill Smethie - no detail was too small for her to question. We'll miss her.

There will be another S&E Social Hour hosted by Mike Purdy's office at the Faculty House, Tuesday, May 1 at 5PM.

Fans of Wallace and Gromit and "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" take note: the rabbit escaped and is living in the bushes next to Monell. This is the largest rabbit I've ever seen on our grounds. (The deer keep their distance, the turkeys have retreated to Geoscience, the hawks will have to call in the heavy bombers, and the squirrels just up and faint in place.) I'll have to ask Greco to call the "Anti-Pesto" exterminators.

Ah, spring...