Lamont Weekly Report, August 15, 2008

I used to carry all kinds of valuable things in the trunk of my car -  tools, jumper cables. Back in the day - when I had a 1965 MGB - it was  even necessary for me to carry a spare cylinder head gasket - which on  more than one occasion I had to replace on the road side.

But on Monday night when I went out to the parking lot and found my  car with a completely flat battery, I opened my trunk to find nothing  but a magnificent smooth, noise-dampening carpet, without any sign of  useful paraphernalia.  So I had to buy some jumper cables, believe it  or not, and then suffer the annoyance of being told by the dealership  that there was nothing wrong with the car which, with 20K miles on it  'just needed a new battery'.  I don't think so.

Other than this piece of automotive excitement, and ExCom on Friday -  which was the typical three hour marathon - the high points were a  visit by newly recruited E3B professor Ruth DeFries, and word from our  ship, the Langseth, that they are hauling gear this weekend and  heading for Manzanillo having completed a really tough but very  successful first 3D cruise. I am sure Chief Scientists John Mutter and  Suzanne Carbotte and all the science and technical complement will be  glad to get home.

Remember next Friday - 330pm in Lamont Hall will be the last of this  summer's Research Life Panel series - the subject will be Promotions  and Career Advancement.

As the sound of the rain on the roof of Monell prevents normal  conversation, I look forward to a weekend with some better weather, as  the specter of September and the start of a new semester looms large.

Have a good one,

- Mike