Lamont Weekly Report, August 6 2010

It has been a tough week. Last weekend we received the tragic news from the Langseth (working on the Shatsky Rise in the Western Pacific) that one of our Marine Mammal Observers, John Nicholas, had died of a heart attack.  A very sad day.  The vessel immediately diverted for the  closest port - a five day steam to Yokohama Japan.  Thanks to the
organizational skills of our Marine Department Langseth had a very short port stop in Yokohama yesterday and already is steaming back to her work site.

Simultaneous with this emotional trial and logistical nightmare, we met downtown for two full days on Monday and Tuesday with NSF representatives being briefed in detail on the findings in the NSF review of our marine operations.  Those were difficult meetings.  But now I am trying to escape for a few days - in the land where the loons sing.

I just heard that Scott Doney from WHOI has been appointed Chief Scientist at NOAA - another example of the Obama administration appointing intellectual powerhouses to science leadership positions in DC.

One last detail - AGU has announced that they are extending the deadline for submissions of nominations for AGU Fellowships - it is now October 1st.  If you are interested in nominating one of your LDEO colleagues please talk to your Associate Director - we are trying to coordinate a much more aggressive stance re proposing our own colleagues
for the awards and recognition that they deserve.

Have a great weekend,

- Mike
(in Maine)