Lamont Weekly Report, December 7, 2007

I hope everyone has noticed that we have a new web site! A complete overhaul has been long overdue - there is still work to do of course, but thanks are due to Mahdad and Ariana in particular, along with Jim Gaherty and all members of the web site committee, for helping us make this big first step.

Now the excitement of last Friday's ribbon cutting is over, several folks have asked me about routine access to the Comer building. The construction folks still have control - it is only open between 7am and 3pm, and there is still a lot of work going on, but yes access is permitted - just please be considerate of the workers who are still doing some finish work.

Friday before AGU is always a bizarre day - I fly out on Sunday night and will spend the week in meetings infrequently related to real science I fear. The high points will be lunch with Oleg Jardetsky on Wednesday and then on Friday I fly up to Seattle with Spahr Webb to visit with our good benefactor Jerry Paros. And then the red-eye home Friday night. Every year I say that I am too old for that...

The most significant event of the week of course, is the Lamont Party - Tuesday night - same time same place - Crowne Plaza Hotel, top floor, at 630pm. See you there.

Did you read this Wade?

And as I sit here watching the snow fall, I am prompted to remind you that this is the time when the folks from B&G need to clear snow and ice from the roads and sidewalks at unpleasant hours. So it is important for us to restrict overnight parking to the designated areas. Reports are that almost everyone is doing exactly what has been asked, but it only takes one car parked where it shouldn't be to make doing a good job cleaning the parking lots unnecessarily difficult. Your courteous cooperation is always appreciated.

Have a great weekend, and for those not going west next week, have a quiet few days before the chaos of the holiday season begins.