Lamont Weekly Report, February 29, 2008

I have been on the road all week - although I am not sure that the first activity - a day long Earth Institute retreat in the Bronx (of all places) qualifies as being 'on the road'.  It was held at the Wave Hill estate - never been there before - beautiful Hudson River-front locale, just off the Henry Hudson Parkway.

And then down to DC. I spent Wednesday afternoon at NSF - met with Jarvis Moyers, the interim Assistant Director for Geosciences, who is overjoyed that Tim Killeen will be taking this position 'permanently' (he will be an IPA) effective July 1st.; as well as with Julie Morris, Bill Lang and Jim Holik.  Thursday was a day-long event on the Hill organized by Ocean Leadership - with the usual agency presentations - Conrad Lautenbacher clearly talking as the outgoing
NOAA leader, as he, like everyone else, looks forward to the forthcoming transition to whatever new administration the combined wisdom of the American people provides for the world. We were also treated to the insights of the Senators from Rhode Island, Louisiana, and Florida.

Friday was a Board meeting of Ocean Leadership Inc.  I will pass some promotional literature around via the Division Associate Directors - under Bob Gagosian's new leadership this new entity is revving up for a major effort in pushing the Ocean research agenda not only on the Hill, but obviously with the transition team for the next President. Most folks agree that it will be 2010 before we see where the new administration is going to go science-wise, but there is talk, given NSF's huge reputation with Congress that they may handle NSF with a separate Bill to avoid yet another continuing resolution next that may help a little.

So now, I am going to try to catch a 5pm flight out of Reagan
National on a Friday afternoon.  How crazy is that?

 Have a great weekend.