Lamont Weekly Report, January 14, 2011

Second guessing decisions about snow closures is always a tiresome business, but I always do it.  Given the way it turned out we could probably have opened earlier than noon on Wednesday. Dick Greco and his crew did their usual remarkable job of clearing our roads and sidewalks, so when I came in at around 11 the campus was already in
great shape. Too much snow already this year.

On Monday we had the kick-off meeting for the NIST-supported project that is constructing the new ultra clean lab in Comer. Attended by the NIST program manager it was intended to bring all the contractors together and give them the 'big picture' story of the project, as well as instruct them on all the rules and constraints associated with working on an ARRA-funded activity. So the next few months are going to see great new developments in Comer and by the summer we will have the world's largest and most capable ultra clean lab facility for Geochemistry.

This morning Kuheli Dutt and I met with Provost Claude Steele and his newly appointed Vice-Provost for Academic Planning, Andy Davidson, talking about plans to support diversity in the University a - very productive meeting.

Given that so many LDEO researchers are engaged in polar research I think it is important that our voice is heard in the deliberations about plans for a new polar research vessel.  Bruce Huber and Dale Chayes are members of the UNOLS working group that is looking into this - so if you want to learn more talk to them - or go to:

Don't forget that it is MLK Day on Monday - it is going to be a very busy weekend for me. You will understand why on Tuesday.  Have a great weekend,

- Mike