Lamont Weekly Report, January 9, 2009

I write this from Concepcion Chile where I have been for the last  three days at a meeting of the Partnership for Observations of the  Global Ocean (POGO). Whenever you get Directors of Ocean Institutes  from Russia, Japan, Korea, Germany, UK, Mexico, China, US (SIO and  WHOI, as well as NOAA), Chile, South Africa, Canada - all in the same 
room  - there assuredly is some interesting conversation. The goal of  the group is to build the international partnerships to advocate the  national and international entities that will organize and support -  establish and sustain - an operational global ocean observing system.  It is a long and slow and difficult business. Unquestionably, the most  rewarding part of the three days is the opportunity for one-on-one  conversations with the interesting and diverse  set of Directors  -  some are old friends and some I am meeting for the first time.

Luckily there has been good wi-fi in the meeting room so I have been able to keep in touch through the week.  It is the height of summer  here - the University is on its summer break - clear blue skies, 75-80  degrees and zero humidity. It is a beautiful country. It is going to  be tough to land back in New York.

Have a good weekend,