Lamont Weekly Report, July 16 2010

We have settled upon Friday, September 24th for the event to recognize the life and science John Diebold. We are preparing formal invitations and will circulate widely as soon as possible.  It will be in the Monell Auditorium from 1:30pm til 4:30pm with a reception to follow.

The Langseth is due to sail from Honolulu on Monday bound for the Shatsky Rise in the far western Pacific for a seismic experiment on which John was a Principal Investigator.  In a different world John would have been sailing with his co-investigators Will Sager from A&M
and Jun Korenaga from Yale.

I sent around an important announcement to the Lamont research professors this afternoon describing a competition to identify three members of the senior staff who will be nominated to be members of the Earth Institute faculty. This is very important development in the continuing process of building stronger and better bridges between EI and LDEO. We are hoping to complete the selection process, which undoubtedly will be difficult, by late September.

Of the very many meetings this week, one of the more unusual was a session with New York State Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski in his offices in New City. So little research funding is available to support Research and Education related to the Hudson River. Despite the catastrophic financial situation the NYS is currently experiencing, there needs to be
some level of continued effort to learn about and protect this incredible State resource that is the Hudson. So we tried to make this point to Mr. Zebrowski.

It is going to be another warm weekend. Keep cool,