Lamont Weekly Report, July 9, 2010

I have been receiving emails all this week from all over the US and from around the world from folks expressing their feelings about the sad news of John Diebold's passing. (We are posting a small selection of these on the web). All the thoughts that we had of him being a very special man are confirmed again and again by the outpourings of warmth and

Plans for events to recognize this greatness are almost complete. There will be two events in the fall the first will be organized by John's family and will focus upon the Nyack community, the second will be organized by LDEO and will recognize his science and all his many contributions to the Observatory. More details should be available in a
week or two.

My trip to DC this week started inauspiciously on Tuesday morning with the cancellation of the 815am Acela out of Newark, but upon recovery from that little anomaly I had two full days of very useful meetings, mostly at NSF. Some meetings were fun there was a wonderful celebration for Jarvis Moyers in the AGS Division (the ex-ATM Division)
recognizing his tenure as Division Director. (The new Division Director Michael Morgan started just a couple of weeks ago). Some meetings were not so much fun. It was even warmer in DC than here in New York.

Keep cool this weekend,