Lamont Weekly Report, June 25 2010

We were visited by the CU Treasurer and more than ten of her staff onTuesday afternoon - thanks to all who helped host this group.  Theylook after all of CU's "treasure" and therefore are an importantgroup with whom to be friends!  As is so often the case, many of thefolks had never been out to Lamont before so it was an importantopportunity for us to impress them with the importance of the work thatwe do here.

It was the first of this summer's "Research Life" sessions at lunchtime today - the subject was the Lamont Research Professor track and all its attributes. Lots of good questions, so I believe it was useful and informative.

We have made an important decision to add a representative of the Project Scientists to LDEO ExCom, and I hope that we can have this formally in place next month. Deliberations to determine the identity of the representative are ongoing - this will be a key role - figuring out how to better recognize and reward the important contributions that this group of the scientific staff make to the Observatory.

Next week will be the last week in the life of the Doherty Research Staff at Lamont. The Lamont Research Professors come to life on Thursday July 1st.

I hope everyone has their appointment letters.

Enjoy the warm weekend - there is a great sailing breeze right now...