Lamont Weekly Report, March 21, 2008

We hosted the editor of Columbia magazine and the CU Exec VP for Communications for separate visits this week, so we are certainly up-to-speed on all things related to the CU publicity machine!

We started the first round of interviews for applicants for the new position in the Director's Office - Assistant Director for Academic Affairs and Diversity; and we made significant progress with decisions regarding this year's Post Doc Fellows program. So far we have made three offers - two were accepted and one declined and I am working, as we speak, on making one more offer.

Pat O'Reilly and I were invited to one of Joe Ienuso's bi-annual Senior Staff meetings downtown - a meeting of the senior staff of CU Facilities - at which they reviewed their major completed or mostly completed projects (including the Comer Building of course). Besides the fact that it was at 8am, and the attendance was huge (must have been 60-80 folks) it was a very interesting insight into how a large part of the rest of the University operates.

We are very close to completing our 8 minute promotional DVD about Lamont - Sarah Huard is working out the last details with producer - our target date for completion is April 1st - (I hope there is no significance to that.)  Anyway, when it is done we will have to figure out a way to show it  to everybody - maybe just before the colloquium or something.

It is Spring now - officially - I am sure you can tell.

Have a great weekend.