Lamont Weekly Report, November 14, 2008

I ran out of time today.

But it has been a good week. A couple more significant steps forward with the Research Professor initiative..  I met with the co-chairs of  the Senate Faculty Affairs subcommittee, and they have decided to schedule their next meeting for December 12th here at Lamont, at which time I will make a formal presentation to them asking for their  endorsement as we go forward to the full Senate.  I also met with members of the Executive Committee of the Faculty of the Arts and Sciences, and will be engaging in a continuing dialog with them in the coming weeks - again asking for their endorsement of our plans.

I have to go to DC for two days next week - Trustees meeting for Ocean Leadership - but of course will be back for the Vetlesen Award  celebrations.  Walter Alvarez will be talking at Lamont - 330pm on  Thursday - attend if you can - he is a great speaker and will be talking about his legendary work of the K-T boundary.

Have a great weekend,

- Mike