Lamont Weekly Report, November 16, 2007

The dedication ceremony for our new research vessel Marcus G. Langseth was a very successful event, last Monday in sunny 78 degrees Galveston, Texas. We practiced twice (before the real thing) breaking champagne bottles, so when the time came, Lillian Langseth's strong arm assured a totally successful traditional smashing of the bottle against the hull.

It was heartening to see so many of Marcus' family there - especially a young 8 year old Marcus Langeth who was especially pleased to see his name on such a big ship.

Over sixty folks attended - including friends from the oil patch in Houston and the leadership of UTIG. Manik Talwani spoke, as did Dolly Dieter from NSF and Lamont alumnus John Peterlin - now Port Captain in Galveston.

John Diebold will be taking her to sea in a few days on the first leg of her shakedown operations.

For those thinking ahead to the San Francisco AGU - the Lamont party is on Tuesday evening, December 11th - same place - the Crowne Plaza - at 630pm.

But before then will be the even bigger party to celebrate the ribbon cutting on the Comer Geochemistry building a week on Friday - November 30th.

And even before that, there is Thanksgiving next week - if you are traveling, be safe, and have a very happy time. It is my fervent hope that this holiday will result in a reduction in the number of turkeys around my office...

Have a good weekend,

- Mike