Lamont Weekly Report, November12, 2010

Two days of this week were spent downtown in back-to-back meetings - very efficient from a scheduling point-of-view and a testament to Bev's abilities to use my time wisely, but still it seems odd driving away from my office at 730am in the morning to start the days work shuttling from one meeting room to another in the Low Library, the Faculty House, Hogan Hall, Schermerhorn and Lerner.  Not even the free food makes up for it!

Monday's meeting marathon was topped off with a dinner with our newly signed-on Washington consultants who are going to help us communicate a range of priorities to our legislative colleagues on Capitol Hill. We spent the day on Tuesday introducing them to our challenges and issues, and made a small start at devising strategies for moving forward
constructively in a Washington political scene that just became a degree or two more complex (to say the least).

Thursday started off with an 830am (lightly attended) Council of Deans Meeting in Lerner Hall and ended with the EI Executive Committee at 4pm, but since it was a Holiday (for most of the rest of the world) I did not spend quite as much time (as I did on Monday evening) sitting on the GWB.  Veteran's Day does not get the attention that it deserves.  A beautiful fall day today  and apparently a good forecast for the weekend.  Enjoy, because we are about to enter the
Thanksgiving-AGU-Xmas-New Year time warp.

- Mike