Lamont Weekly Report, October 22, 2010

I got back from San Diego on Wednesday night after three days of Langseth meetings with NSF and UNOLS.  It was great to be on board the ship again -  though only very briefly. She was in good shape, and will be even better after the planned shipyard and maintenance period. On Monday evening NSF ran the first of a number of public hearings on the Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement that they are preparing (jointly with USGS) - dealing with the issues surrounding the interactions between marine mammals and the various types of sound used in marine geophysical surveys.  It was poorly attended by genuine members of the general public (I think there were two!) but the room was
filled with participating government officials and other interested parties (like me!)

ExCom this morning, and the first major planning meeting for the New Core Lab renovation project this afternoon. And next week Barb Charbonnet and I are off to Chicago for a number of development meetings.

It is effort reporting time again - I just got an email from downtown urging us to move forward more promptly - so please handle this chore when you have a moment.

And many congratulations to Jerry McManus - this afternoon before colloquium he was awarded the 2009-2010  Best Teacher award by the Graduate Student Committee of DEES,   and Kat Allen received the DEES Best TA award for 2009-2010.  Well done!!

Have a good weekend,