Lamont Weekly Report, October 23, 2009

We made another step towards the final implementation of the Research Professor positions at an important meeting with representatives of the CU Controller and Research Compliance offices on Monday. Our plans for the transition years, during which folks move from 12 month positions to 9 month positions, are complex from an effort reporting perspective - but the startegy that we had worked out with ExCom was found to be without flaws.  So one more hurdle has been crossed.

Columbia University, at the highest levels, is engaged in a 're-branding' initiative and is requiring that all Schools move away from their own logos and identity, and adopt a uniform 'look' in which Columbia University itself is clear and prominent. The new CU-approved Lamont identity can be found at, and downloaded from: So, from now on, this is what you should be using on your powerpoints or whatever.

As many of you know, I am sure, AGU is engaged in a major renovation of its governance structure.  This is a much needed and overdue and AGU President Tim Grove and his colleagues should be applauded for taking on this tedious and thankless task.  But all their efforts will be for nought unless they can get a quorum to vote for approval for the new structure. So - if you are a member of AGU, please go to their website and vote - if you have your Eos with you (for your membership number) it takes all of 30 seconds!

On Tuesday we hosted a small lunch in recognition of all the nominees for the outstanding administrator and support staff award. As previously announced some time ago, Bonnie Deutsch in Purchasing was this years awardee, but the focus of the lunch was to acknowledge the important role that all the nominees for this award play in making Lamont such a great place to work. The nominees were Shelley Barsky, Angelina Calungcagin, Kathy Carlsen, Rob Kakasick, Mia Leo, Vicky

Nazario and Tom Protus. Be sure to say 'thank you' to these folks when next you see them.

We hosted an important donor on the campus for half the day on Wednesday - thanks to all who gave of their time to help us with this. Even in these difficult financial times we are still finding SOME  folks who want to continue to help us.

Today was just a wonderful day because we spent a large part of it celebrating Bill Ryan's great career here at Lamont. Speakers this afternoon who honored him included Enrico Bonatti, John Dewey, Alberto Malinverno, Bill Ruddiman and Yossi Mart. And many thanks are due to Walter Pitman, Robin Bell and Suzanne Carbotte who helped organize

this. This was a really fun occasion and was a very appropriate way for us all to recognize the incredible contributions that Bill has made, not only to Lamont, but to so many aspects of our science.

Have a great weekend,