Lamont Weekly Report, September 10, 2010

There were just too many things all happening at once this week.  We had a good telephone conference call with ten members of our Advisory Board on Tuesday, refining our planning for the forthcoming (and 'new') Director's Circle Development event on September 25th as well as discussing plans and opportunities for our Open House the following week on October 2nd.  A large part of Wednesday was also spent on Development activities - we went up to Greenwich CT where post doc Tim Creyts gave a great presentation to a large group of local retirees before 'retiring' to the yacht Club for a very pleasant lunch, but more importantly, lots of interesting and provocative conversation that I hope has won some new friends for the Observatory.

I was happy to welcome the new crop of EI post doc fellows to Campus on Thursday, and managed for the first time in very many months to get all four unit leaders (on the Lamont Campus) together in the same room at least for a little while.  Finding days upon which Pedro, Bob, Steve and I are all here is a near impossibility.

I am very sad to report that Kim Martineau, our science writer, is leaving us for another position in the city - she has done a tremendous job for us, significantly increasing our visibility in the national and international press.  We start the search for a replacement immediately - it is an important job

My depression over how my week will end (i.e. a dentists appointment this afternoon) is well-compensated by the great way my next week will begin!  I plan to spend Monday on the Hudson River with Andy Juhl and his colleagues doing some actual biological science. And for a seismologist - that is pretty near a miracle.  My love for messing about in boats is what got me into oceanography in the first place - I should do more of it!

Have a great weekend,