Lamont Weekly Report, September 28, 2012

     Today we recognize those in the Lamont community who, over the past year, have received awards in science and education or have been tapped for honorary lectureships. A recognition ceremony and reception to acknowledge these honorees is being held this afternoon in the Monell lower lobby.

Those so honored this year include the following:

Geoffrey Abers (SGT)                   GeoPRISMS Distinguished Lecturer, 2011-2013

Rafael Almeida (SGT)                   Paul G. Richards Graduate Student Research Award, 2012

Stephen Brusatte (AMNH)            Best Teaching Assistant, DEES, Fall 2012

Malcom McKenna                         Graduate Student Research Award, DEES, 2012

James Davis (SGT)                       Fellow, International Association of Geodesy, 2011

Peter deMenocal (Geochem)        Fellow, American Geophysical Union, 2012

Baerbel Hoenisch (Geochem)       IODP Distinguished Lecturer, 2011-2012

Andrew Juhl (BPE)                        Best Teacher, DEES, Fall 2011

Daehyun Kim (OCP)                     James P. Holton Junior Scientist Award, AGU, 2012

Alberto Malinverno (MGG)            IODP/USSP Distinguished Lecturer, 2013-2014

Todd Nelson (DEES)                     Walter C. Pitman III Award, DEES, 2012

Terry Plank (Geochem)                 EarthScope Distinguished Lecturer, 2011-2012

Aaron Putnam (Geochem)            Outstanding Ph.D. Award, University of Maine, 2012

Harald Rieder (OCP)                     Dobson Award, International Ozone Commission, 2012

Tiffany Rivera (MGG)                    Outstanding Student Paper, AGU Fall Meeting, 2011

Pedro Sanchez (TropAg)              National Academy of Sciences
                                                      Hans Jenny Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley, 2012

Joerg Schaefer (Geochem)           Excellence in Mentoring Award, 2012

Shannan Sweet (BPE)                  James B. Hayes Graduate Student Research Award, DEES, Spring 2012

John Templeton (SGT)                  Sara Fitzgerald Langer Book Prize, DEES, 2011

Kaori Tsukui (Geochem)                Outstanding Student Paper, AGU Fall Meeting, 2011

     Please join me this afternoon in congratulating our colleagues for the welcome recognition of their accomplishments.