Hudson River Snapshot Day 2007

"A Day in the Life of the Hudson River"


October 2, 2007

A year when the salt front had risen to close to record highs (RM 78.2 on 10/2/07) - brought changes to our fish catches & other readings.

A year when we had the opportunity to include an Upper Hudson River site to our collection data base and our school network.

A year when we found 'sister schools' sampling 32 miles apart but connected through the New York City watershed.

2007 Snapshot Day Data

Files By Topic (excel)

Files By Topic (pdf) Site Names/Locations Files by Site (word) Files by Site (pdf)
Henderson Lake - Hudson River (not shown on map to left) RM300 RM300
Green Island @ Troy Dam RM153 RM153
Green Island Site #2 RM152 RM152
Albany Riverfront, Quay St. RM145 RM145
Clearwater, Rensselaer Riverfront Park RM144 boat RM144 boat
Schodack Island State Park RM133 RM133
Stuyvesant Landing RM127 RM127
Nutten Hook, Stuyvesant RM124.5 RM124.5
Coxsackie State Park RM123 RM123
Cohotate Preserve, Athens RM115 RM115
Dutchman's Landing Park, Catskill RM112 RM112
Saugerties Lighthouse RM102 RM102
Ulster Landing RM96.5 RM96.5
Kingston Point RM92 RM92
Esopus Meadows, Ulster Park RM87 RM87
Norrie Point, Staatsburgh RM84.5 RM84.5
Quiet Cove, Poughkeepsie RM78 RM78
Waryas Park, Poughkeepsie RM76 RM76

Long Dock, Beacon

Newburgh Landing RM61W RM61W
Kowawese, New Windsor RM58 RM58
Little Stony Point, Cold Spring RM55 RM55
Verplanck RM41 RM41
Sites & Participating Groups Sites & Participating Groups George's Island, Montrose RM39.5 RM39.5
Physical Factors Physical Factors Croton Point Park RM35 RM35
Tides Tides Ossining RM32 RM32
Currents Currents Nyack Memorial Beach RM28 RM28
Salinity Salinity Mathiessen Park, Irvington RM25E RM25E
Shipping Shipping Piermont Pier


Phragmites Study


Phragmites Study


Chemistry (DO/pH/


Alpine Boat Basin RM18.5 RM18.5
Fish Catch Fish Catch Habirshaw Park, Yonkers RM18 RM18
Other Observations Other Observations Inwood Hill Park, Harlem River Harlem RM14 Harlem RM14
  Journaling Activity Englewood Park, NJ RM13 RM13


webpage Sherman Creek, Harlem River

Harlem RM13b

Harlem RM13b


Swindler Cove Harlem River

Harlem RM13a Harlem RM13a


Roberto Clemente State Park, Harlem River Harlem RM12

Harlem RM12

Chlorophyll webpage 79th Street, Boat Basin, land based RM7 RM7
    Lettie G. Howard, 79th Street, Boat Basin, boat based RM7 RM7
    Pier 95 RM5.5 RM5.5
    The Science Barge RM4 RM4
    Pier 84 RM4 RM4
    Christopher Street Pier 45 - NYCSWD RM2.5 RM2.5
    Christopher Street Pier 45 - Calhoun School RM2.5 RM2.5
    Christopher Street Pier 45 - Wallerstein RM2.5 RM2.5
    River Project, Pier 40 RM2 RM2

Solar One, East River

East River RM4 East River RM4
    Empire Fulton Ferry, East River East River RM1E East River RM1E
    Lower East Side Ecology Center, East River East River RM1W East River RM1W
    Southstreet Seaport East River RM0.5 East River RM0.5
    Gantry Plaza State Park NY Harbor NY Harbor
    Fort Wadsworth, Harbor, Verrazano Bridge Fort Wadsworth Fort Wadsworth
    Breezy Point, Rockaway Queens Breezy Point Breezy Point

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