A Day in the Life of the Hudson River 2011


Pier 95
ossining Inwood Peekskill
Students Stuyvesent


Hudson River Snapshot Day October 18, 2011

At over 65 sites, approximately 70 schools with over 3000 students, teachers and education partners gathered on the Hudson River on a beautiful autumn day to carefully sample and explore this historic estuary for 'A Day in the Life of the Hudson River 2011'! Students found a river still swollen and turbid from one of the rainiest years on record, culminating with Hurricane Irene 8/28/11 and Tropical Storm Lee 9/8/11 just weeks before the event. How did this effect the data collected? Check the data below to see but we will note that the 'salt front', recorded by the USGS as 100 ppm Cl-, hoovered at RM 35 around Croton. Check out the details - pick a site or a parameter to get a better "look" at the day! The best way to experience this event is to plan to join us in 2012...for as Leon from Blue Rock School declares "This day was the most fun and extraordinary day we had yet this school year". 2012 will be our 10th annual event, and amazingly enough, we expect it to be even better!
Enjoy this short video that the Arlington High School students filmed during their day at the river!

Files By Topic

Sites RM 300-Rm 28 Names/Locations Files by Site (word) Files by Site (pdf) Site Names/Locations Files by Site (word) Files by Site (pdf)
Sites & Participating Groups Newcomb, Adirondacks High Peacks RM300 RM300 Bowline Park, Haverstraw RM 35W RM 35W
Sister Site: Middleburgh Schoharie Creek: word pdf Hudson Crossing Park, Schuylerville RM200 RM200 Louis Engel Waterfront Park Ossining RM 32 RM32
Tabbed Masterfile of all items listed below (excel format) Green Island Park, Green Island RM153 RM153 Nyack Beach, Hook Mountain Park - Blue Rock RM31 RM31


Corning Preserve, Albany RM145 RM145 Nyack Beach, Hook Mountain Park - Nyack MS



Physical Factors Rensselaer Riverfront Park



Kingsland Point Park, Sleepy Hollow RM30.5E RM30.5E
Tides Henry Hudson Park, Bethlehem RM138 RM138

Nyack Memorial Beach - HS

RM28 RM28


Schodack Island State Park, Schodack Landing RM133 RM133 Upper Nyack Piermont Ave. Waterfront



Salinity (student reported) Stuyvesant Landing, Stuyvesant RM127 RM127

Mathiessen Park, Irvington - Elem. School AM & High School PM

RM25E Elem.Sch.

High Sch.

RM25E Elem. Sch.

High Sch.

Salinity standardized reading Coxsackie Riverside Park, Coxsackie RM123 RM123 Piermont Pier RM25W RM25W
Chemistry (DO/pH/Nit/Phos/Alk) Hudson Waterfront Park, Hudson RM118 RM118 MacEachron Waterfront Park, Hastings RM23 RM23

Fish Catch

Cohotate Preserve, Athens RM115 RM115 Alpine Boat Basin RM18.5 RM18.5
Macroinvert Catch Lasher Memorial Park, Germantown RM 108 RM 108 Beczak, Habirshaw Park, Yonkers RM18 RM18
Shipping Saugerties Lighthouse, Saugerties RM102 RM102 Yonkers Waterfront RM 18 Science Barge RM 18 Science Barge
Other Observations Ulster Landing Park, Saugerties RM97 RM97

Mt. St. Vincent College, NY

RM17 RM17
Sediment webpage Robert Post Park, Kingston RM94 RM94 Inwood Hill Park, Harlem River - YWLS Harlem RM14 Harlem RM14
Chlorophyll webpage Kingston Point, Kingston RM92 RM92 Inwood Hill Park, Harlem River - MH Harlem RM14 Harlem RM14
  Esopus Meadows, Ulster Park RM87 RM87 Swindler Cove Harlem River

Harlem RM13a

Harlem RM13a

  Norrie Point, Staatsburgh RM84.5 RM84.5 Englewood Park, NJ RM13 RM13
  Quiet Cove, Poughkeepsie



Fort Washington Park RM11.5 RM11.5
  Waryas Park, Mid-Hudson Children's Museum RM76 RM76 Hudson River Park's Pier 95 RM5 RM5
  Waryas Park, Poughkeepsie RM76 RM76 The Intrepid RM4.1 RM4.1

Riverfront Park, Beacon

RM61.1 RM61.1 Hudson River Park's Pier 84 RM4 RM4
  Long Dock, Beacon RM61E RM61E Hudson River Park's Pier 45 - NYCSWD RM2.5 RM2.5
  Newburgh Landing, Newburgh RM61W RM61W Hudson River Park's Pier 45 - Wallerstein RM 2.5 RM 2.5
  Dennings Point, Beacon RM60 RM60 Hudson River Park Pier 40, RIver Project RM2 RM2
  Kowawese, New Windsor RM58 RM58 Gantry Plaza East River RM4.5 East River RM4.5
  Donahue Memorial Park, Cornwall Landing RM57 RM57 Lower East Side Ecology Center, East River East River RM1W East River RM1W
  Little Stony Point, Cold Spring RM55


Upper NY Bay/ Buttermilk Channel Governor's Island Governor's Island
  Garrison Landing, Garrison RM53 RM53

Valentino Pier, Brooklyn

RM-2 NY Harbor

RM-2 NY Harbor
  Riverfront Green, Peekskill



Fort Wadsworth, Harbor, Verrazano Bridge RM -7 RM-7
  Verplanck, Steamboat Dock RM41 RM41 Canarsie Park Jamaica Bay Jamaica Bay
  Verplanck, (Clearwater)



Gerritsen Creek Jamaica Bay Jamaica Bay

Croton Point Park, Croton-on-Hudson


RM35E Brighton Beach NY Bight NY Bight

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