A Day in the Life of the Hudson and Harbor

October 22, 2020


DO DO turbidity
smmouthbass boats perch

"THANK YOU" TO OUR INCREDIBLE PARTNERS! THEY ARE LISTED BELOW BY THEIR SAMPLE SITE(S)! Please check out our three videos to share the experience, and use the accompanying worksheets!

2020 was a year when COVID 19 kept most students from being part of our annal field sampling. Although our 18th year of the event looked a bit different, our incredible partner teams made the annual event not only possible, but pretty incredible! We want to thank all 48 sampling partners who together visited 56 sites to sample, film and share their time and incredbile talents with all the students! Last year we hosted ~5300 samplers in the field, this year 370+ samplers were in the field, however several of our groups hosted virtual events as they sampled linking several thousand students directly to the sampling! With this years total fish catch we have netted over 36,600 fish representing 80 different species in the watershed!


October 22nd arrived with a thick blanket of fog and even a bit or rain in the harbor and lower estuary. Much of the summer had been dry with warm hot days warming the river. This continued into September and October allowing the saltfront to push well up the river with measurable salt evident in over 2/3 or our event sample sites!


Site Names/Locations & Partner

Site Data

Site Names/Locations

Site Data (pdf)
Files by Parameter Adirondacks - Hudson Basin River Watch - RMs 310-317.5

Adirondacks RMs 310-317.5 (doc) (pdf)

Croton Point Park - Teatown Lake Reservation & Westchester County Dept. of Parks, Recreation & Conservation
RM 35
(doc) (pdf)

Our 2020 Partners

Schoharie Creek - Middleburgh Jr/Sr School

Mohawk RM53
(doc) (pdf)
Louis Engel Park, Ossining - Ossining High School
RM 32.5
(doc) (pdf)
Tabbed Masterfile of all items below (xls)

Peebles Island - DEC Hudson River Estuary Program

RM 154
(doc) (pdf)
Lower Nyack Beach, Nyack - Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory,
RM 30.4
(doc) (pdf)
  Green Island - DEC Hudson River Estuary Program
RM 153
(doc) (pdf)

Nyack Memorial Park - Rockland County: Soil & Water Conservation District, & Conservation & Service Corps, Outoor Science Alliance

RM 28
(doc) (pdf)
Below: Parameter files by pdf Corning Preserve, Albany - The College of St. Rose
RM 145.5
(doc) (pdf)
Piermont Pier, Piermont - Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, & New York State DEC Hudson River Estuary Program
RM 25.4
(doc) (pdf)
Physical Factors Schodack Island - River Haggie Outdoors & Resilience Communication & Consulting LLC
RM 134.5
(doc) (pdf)
Matthiessen Park, Irvington - Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Philip Levine
RM 25
(doc) (pdf)
Turbidity Nutten Hook Unique Area - River Haggie Outdoors & Resilience Communication & Consulting LLC
RM 124.5
Beczak,Habirshaw Park, Yonkers - Sarah Lawrence College Center for the Urban River at Beczak
RM 18.3
(doc) (pdf)

Lasher Memorial Park, Germantown - Columbia Land Conservancy

RM 108.5
(doc) (pdf)
Englewood Boat Basin, NJ - Meadowlands Environmental Center
RM 14
(doc) (pdf)
  Ulster Landing Park, Saugerties, impactEDUCATION
RM 97
(doc) (pdf)
Inwood Hill Park, Hudson River -New York City Parks, Urban Park Rangers
RM 12.75
(doc) (pdf)


Kingston Point, Kingston - Kingston Parks and Recreation
RM 92
(doc) (pdf)
Hudson River Park Pier 84 - Hudson River Park & The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
RM 5.6
(doc) (pdf)
Salinity (student reported) George Freer Park, Port Ewen - High Meadows School
RM 90.5
Hudson River Park ~Pier 45 - New York City Soil & Water District
RM 3.2
(doc) (pdf)

Salinity Standardized /collected water samples

Esopus Meadows, Ulster Park - Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
RM 87
(doc) (pdf)
Hudson River Park Pier 40 - Hudson River Park
RM 2.9
(doc) (pdf)

Chemistry - D.O. & pH (also Nit/Phos/Alk)

Norrie Point, Staatsburgh, New York State DEC Hudson River Estuary Program, & Kingston YMCA Farm Project
RM 84.5
(doc) (pdf)
Morris Canal Basin, New Jersey - Hudson Montessori School
RM 0.5
(doc) (pdf)

Fish Catch

Quiet Cove, Poughkeepsie - Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County & No Child Left Inside
RM 78
(doc) (pdf)
Randall's & Ward's Island - Randall's Island Park Alliance
HrlRM 1
(doc) (pdf)
Macroinvertebrate Catch Wayras Park, Poughkeepsie - impactEDUCATION
RM 75.5
(doc) (pdf)
Concrete Plant, Bronx River - Bronx River Alliance
BrnxRM 4.5
(doc) (pdf)
  Long Dock, Beacon - Scenic Hudson
RM 61
(doc) (pdf)

Hunts Point, Bronx River - Rocking the Boat

BrnxRM 4
(doc) (pdf)
  People's Waterfront & Boat Launch, Newburgh - Scenic Hudson
RM 60.5
(doc) (pdf)
John Finley Walk - Manhattan International High School
(doc) (pdf)
  Dennings Point, Beacon - Clarkson University's Beacon Institute for Rivers & Estuaries
RM 60
(doc) (pdf)

Gantry Plaza Pier 1, East River - New York State Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation

ER RM5.7
(doc) (pdf)
  Kowawese, New Windsor - Orange County Water Authority
RM 58
(doc) (pdf)
Gantry Pier 4/Hunters Point, East River - New York City Department of Environmental Protection
ER RM5.6
(doc) (pdf)
  Cornwall Landing - New York State DEC Hudson River Estuary Program & New York State Parks, Bear Mountain Zoo
RM 57
(doc) (pdf)
Newtown Nature Walk - Billion Oyster Program
ER RM5.1
(doc) (pdf)
  Little Stony Point - New York State DEC Hudson River Estuary Program
RM 55
(doc) (pdf)
Bushwick Inlet Park - Billion Oyster Project
ER RM4.4
(doc) (pdf)
  West Point, South of Gee's Point - US Military Academy, West Point
RM 52
(doc) (pdf)
Brooklyn Bridge Park East-East River, Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy
ER RM1.7
(doc) (pdf)
  Garrison Landing, Garrison - Katie Krueger Hirt
RM 51.5
Governor's Island, Manhattan - The Harbor School
NYH -1
(doc) (pdf)
  Riverfront Green, Peekskill -DEC Hudson River Estuary Program
RM 43.5
(doc) (pdf)
Pier 1 Lighthouse Museum, Staten Island - Curtis High School
NYH -4.5
(doc) (pdf)
  Verplanck, Steamboat Dock - DEC Hudson River Estuary Program
RM 41
(doc) (pdf)
Canarsie Pier- New York State DEC
NYH -5.3
(doc) (pdf)
  Haverstraw Bay County Park- Rockland County: Soil & Water Conservation District, & Conservation & Service Corps
RM 38
(doc) (pdf)
Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island - St. Clare School & National Parks Service
NYH -7.5
(doc) (pdf)
      Fresh Kills Park, Staten Island - Freshkills Park Alliance
NYH -9
(doc) (pdf)


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